Chinese Ceramics Communications

Volumes 105-106

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Chao Kang, Guo Qin Chen, Gao Hui Wu

Abstract: Nano-SiCp/MoSi2 composites with different SiC volume fraction have been synthesized by in situ reactive hot press sintering with the milled...

Authors: Hong Yan Duan, You Tang Li, Chun Li Lei, Gui Ping He

Abstract: Artificial neural network (ANN) back-propagation model was developed to predict the thermal expansion behavior and internal residual strains...

Authors: Hui Zhang, Yan Ruo Hong, Hong Xia Li, Yang Bin

Abstract: The thermal fatigue behavior of alumina-magnesia based and alumina-chromia based purging plug materials are comparatively studied. By...

Authors: Hong Bo Chen, Song He Meng

Abstract: High temperature oxidation testing was carried out on hot-pressed ZrB2-SiC-graphite composite by using high electric current heating. The...

Authors: Gang Li, Wen Bo Han

Abstract: Dense ZrB2-20vol.%SiC-10vol.%BN (ZSB) ceramic composites by introducing BN as the third phase are fabricated through hot pressing sintering...

Authors: Yuan Lu Xiong, Qiang Shen, Fei Chen, Jin Zheng, Lian Meng Zhang

Abstract: In this work, silicone/alumina composites with 33 wt.% silicone content are prepared by compression mould technique. TGA, XRD and SEM were...

Authors: Bai Bing, Teng Fu, Xiao Shan Ning

Abstract: In this paper, rare-earth fluorides were used as sintering additives instead of rare-earth oxides, the influence of the type and the amount...

Authors: Chen Wang, Li Min Dong, Qing Feng Zan, Pen Guo, Jie Mo Tian

Abstract: By using the ring-block friction and wear machine, the friction and wear behavior of nano-ZrO2 ceramic test block against GCr15 steel test...

Authors: De Gui Zhu, Hong Liang Sun, Yu Shu Wang, Liang Hui Wang

Abstract: Fully dense samples of TiB2-TiCX and TiB2-TiCX/15SiC ceramic composites were fabricated by in-situ synthesis under hot isostatic pressing...

Authors: Xiao Jun Zhao, Ning Zhang, Hong Qiang Ru, Xiao Yang Wang, Hong Min Kan

Abstract: AlON/SiC composites were synthesized by hot-pressing sintering technology using SiC and prepared AlON powder as raw materials. The influence...


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