Materials and Product Technologies II

Volumes 118-120

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Jie Zhang, Tong Min Jiang, Dong Wang

Abstract: High-performance computer was developed to address the tight schedule and the high reliability problems. For the 100 trillion times...

Authors: Xue Fen Ma, Xu Dong Dai

Abstract: Based on the features of distributed knowledge resources environment and taking knowledge mobility in modern design as its supporting goal,...

Authors: Pei Pei Zhang, Hua Tao, Zi Dong Yin

Abstract: The selection of adaptable machining parameters is a key part in numerical control (NC) milling process. Deterministic optimal parameters...

Authors: An Yu Cang, Fan Sen Kong, Zhen Dong Xu, Peng Liu

Abstract: The recursion relationship between the failure rate and the equipment age before and after preventive maintenance (PM) was built up...

Authors: Yi Lan Mao, Rui Kang, Lin Ma, Zhe Han Xu

Abstract: The theory of system multi-state is used in the time-based maintenance strategy, the determine process of product state for component-level...

Authors: Jian Xin Zhu, Xue Dong Chen, Shi Yi Bao

Abstract: An innovative nuisance trip calculation method based on Markov model was proposed in this paper which was used to evaluate the effect of...

Authors: Han Ming

Abstract: Evaluation method of reliability parameter estimation needs to be improved effectively with the advance of science and technology. This...

Authors: Fu Qiang Sun, Xiao Yang Li, Jing Rui Zhang, Tong Min Jiang

Abstract: In order to reduce the sample size and test time, a step-stress accelerated random vibration life testing (ARVLT) method is presented. And...

Authors: Teng Yu, Lei Wang, Yong Qing Zhao, Yang Liu

Abstract: Effects of thermal exposure on low cycle fatigue behavior of Ti600 alloy were investigated by LSCM, SEM and TEM. The results demonstrated...

Authors: Li Wang, Xiao Yang Li, Tong Min Jiang, Ting Ting Huang

Abstract: This paper proposes a new life prediction method using time series and grey theory to predict product life based on Constant-Stress...


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