Materials and Product Technologies II

Volumes 118-120

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Chuan He, Wen Hua Chen, Jun Pan, Shi Jiao Wang

Abstract: There has been a growing interest in assessing the ongoing reliability of electronics and systems in order to predict failures and provide...

Authors: Wei Guang An, Ming Liu, Wei Tao Zhao

Abstract: The influence of the local sunken plate on ultimate strength is analyzed, and reliability calculation and sensitivity analysis expressions...

Authors: Xiao Xia Zhang, Jian Heng Zhu, Chang Sheng Sun, Xiao Feng Yang

Abstract: With the purpose of researching how the parameters such as style, pitch and rod length of the attach member impact the overall crane, the...

Authors: Liu Bing Wang, Hong Gao, Jian Ma, Xu Chen

Abstract: In this study, the bonding reliability of the COG devices was studied. A finite element analyses model was established to study the curing...

Authors: R. Jiang

Abstract: Several life measures are defined in the literature. This paper deals with defining a service life measure for a component with lognormal...

Authors: Ting Ting Huang, Tong Min Jiang, Rui Jian Huo

Abstract: Accelerated life testing can be operated in the designing process of a product to predict the lifetime of the product. The design of the...

Authors: Yu Dong Lu, Xiao Qi He, Yun Fei En, Xin Wang, Zhi Qiang Zhuang

Abstract: Both Al interconnects and flip-chip solder bumps were sensitive to high current. The failure mechanism of circuits interconnects would be...

Authors: Hong Wang, Jian Wang, Ning Ning Zhang, Guang Bin Sun, Hai Long Huang, Hai Bin Zhao

Abstract: Electroencephalogram (EEG) and event-related potential (ERP) were conducted, in order to research brain functions associated with the effect...

Authors: R. Jiang, Guang Cai Shi

Abstract: Evaluating the health level of vehicles usually involves several factors and often needs to introduce subjective information. This paper...

Authors: Yun Nan Teng, Fei Feng, Ya Zhe Chen, Li Yang Xie, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: With the qualities of smooth operation, high efficiency and small size, the planetary gear box was widely used in transmission field. In...


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