Materials and Product Technologies II

Volumes 118-120

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Yu, Chang Lin Ao, Fang Fang Liu

Abstract: This paper presents the working principle of a remote data acquisition system based on SCM(single chip microcomputer) and analyzes the...

Authors: Jin Fang Zhao, Li Yang Xie, Jian Zhong Liu, Qun Zhao

Abstract: Multiple site damage (MSD) is the occurrence of small fatigue cracks at several sites within aging aircraft structures. Focusing on this...

Authors: Gui Zhen Liu, Ya Zhe Chen, Yang Liu, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: The thesis designed a robot which can crawl along the mast or the rope, introduced this robot’s composition and his function, and carried on...

Authors: Dong Hui Yin, Xiao Gui Wang, Bao Xiang Qiu, Zeng Liang Gao

Abstract: Fatigue crack growth was simulated by using a newly developed unified model on the fatigue initiation and crack growth based on an...

Authors: Lei Wang, Wu Zhen Li, Tian Zhong Sui

Abstract: The research on multiaxial fatigue life prediction methods is reviewed in the present paper from two aspects of experiment and theory. It is...

Authors: Xian Feng Ma, Hui Ji Shi

Abstract: Small fatigue crack behaviors in a nickel-based directionally solidified superalloy DZ4 were studied by in situ scanning electron...

Authors: Hong Yun Luo, Chun Jiang Liu, Kai Li

Abstract: In this study, a contacting model was investigated for interference fit shaft–hub system (rotor system) on rotational speed 30000 r/min by...

Authors: Hao Lu, Yi Min Zhang, Xue Fei Tan

Abstract: Based on the reliability theory, the probability perturbation technique, the reliability sensitivity technique and robust design were...

Authors: Zheng Li, Jing Cheng Zhang, Lei Jiang Yao, Xiao Yan Tong

Abstract: For high reliability and long-life equipments, regular test on their performance is an effective approach to keep a fine status during the...

Authors: R. Jiang, Guo Feng Zhang

Abstract: This paper deals with modeling the operational reliability of a bus fleet. The operational reliability is represented by the rate of...


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