Materials and Product Technologies II

Volumes 118-120

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Y.J. Xie, Xiao Zhi Hu, X.H. Wang

Abstract: An energy-based fracture mode has been derived for the mode I crack kinking and branching. The classic -integral has been further explored...

Authors: Jin Yu Zhou, Kui Zhou Sun, Xiu Lian Li

Abstract: As a new tool of statistical analysis, Copula is introduced to build reliability model for structural system consisting of identical...

Authors: Bing Rong Miao, Wei Hua Zhang, L.M. Zhang, Tao Zhu, H.T. Yin

Abstract: For high-speed railway carbody structure durability analysis problems in China, one integrated method based on MBS (multibody simulation) is...

Authors: Xiu Hua Gao, Tian Yong Deng, Hao Ran Wang, Chun Lin Qiu, Ke Min Qi, Ping Zhou

Abstract: The prediction of the hardenability of gear steel has been carried using stepwise polynomial regression and artificial neural networks...

Authors: Yi Qi Wang, Hyoun Kon Ku, Gi Beop Nam, Jung I. Song

Abstract: This research makes comparisons of empirical fatigue-lives between AC8A Al alloy and the metal matrix composites (Al/Al2O3,...

Authors: Zhi Yu Jia, Rui Kang, Li Chao Wang, Nai Chao Wang

Abstract: Based on some practical problems in maintenance, a new model for K-out-of-N Markov repairable systems is introduced in this paper. The model...

Authors: Cui Ling Li, Dan Dan Jia, Zhi Li Sun

Abstract: Most current common cause failure models are static models in which failure rate is assumed constant. The assumption is unrealistic in...

Authors: Ying Wu, Li Yang Xie, De Cheng Wang, Ji Zhang Gao

Abstract: A reliability analysis method for the shiplift gear according to the system-level load-strength interference model is presented. The gear is...

Authors: Ramezan Ali Mahdavinejad

Abstract: In this research, the turning parameters of steel are optimized via multi-objective genetic algorithm and multi-objective harmony research...

Authors: Yu Dong Chen, Chun Yan Pei

Abstract: The objective of the study is to discuss the instability of the center subspace of a nonlinear rotor system with gyroscopic, inertial and...


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