Materials and Product Technologies II

Volumes 118-120

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hao Chen, Xiao Yan Tong, Xiang Zheng, Lei Jiang Yao

Abstract: One of the problems preventing the industrial application of composites is the lack of an efficient method to detect and discriminate among...

Authors: Cheng Long Xu, Sheng Li Lv, Zhen Guo Wang, Wei Zhang

Abstract: The purpose of this work was to predict the fatigue life of pre-corroded LC4 aluminum alloy by applying artificial neural network (ANN)....

Authors: Xiang Zheng, Xiao Yan Tong, Hao Chen, Lei Jiang Yao

Abstract: An experimental study of low-velocity impact characteristics and strength after impact was carried out on both woven fiber-reinforced resin...

Authors: Rong Hong Cui, Yu Ting He, Zhi Ming Yu, Jin Qiang Du

Abstract: The electrical potential technique was applied to monitor the crack initiation and propagation in LY12-CZ plates. The feasibility of this...

Authors: Wei Tao Zhao, Da Qian Zhang

Abstract: It is very complex problem that the reliability of aircraft wing box structural system with many random variables (such as area, thickness,...

Authors: Liu Ding Chen, Xiao Yan Tong, Xiang Zheng, Lei Jiang Yao

Abstract: Based on progressive damage theory, a 3D laminated model with an orthotropic property in plane was established to simulate the response of...

Authors: Ying Yu, Ying Xi, Meng Ru Li

Abstract: Retractable roof becomes popular in recent years because it can make the roof close, open or partly open to meet different purpose. The roof...

Authors: Bin Li, Xiao Yan Tong, Zi Yang Feng, Lei Jiang Yao

Abstract: Plain plate specimens of 2D plain woven C/SiC composites were performed on Instron8801. Infrared (IR) thermography was recorded using an...

Authors: Jie Zheng, Lei Jiang Yao, Xiang Zheng

Abstract: Acoustic emission (AE) technique was utilized for real-time monitoring the damage evolutions of 2-D and 3-D C/SiC ceramic matrix composites...

Authors: Zhi Jun Zhang, Shi Wei Zhang, Bin Zhang, Cheng Hai Xu

Abstract: Tower vacuum dryer room is the key device for continuous vacuum dryer. In order to lower the cost of manufacture, the wall of dryer should...


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