Advances in Abrasive Technology XIII

Volumes 126-128

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Chan Chen, Biing Hwa Yan, Hsin Min Lee

Abstract: This study investigates a spiral polishing mechanism in polishing the inner wall of stainless bore with the mixture grinding material of...

Authors: Chih Hsiang Chang, Jhy Cherng Tsai, Neng Hsin Chiu, Rei Yu Chein

Abstract: Grinding is a commonly used process in precision machining. This paper is aimed to establish a model for predicting surface roughness and...

Authors: Chao Chang Arthur Chen, Pei Hsiun Chao

Abstract: Multi-wire sawing process has been widely used for wafer slicing of silicon substrates for solar cells. Usually there are two different...

Authors: Bing Hai Lv, Ju Long Yuan, Qian Fa Deng, Zhi Wei Wang

Abstract: ‘Trap’ effect of the newly developed semi-fixed abrasive tool (SFAT) plays key role in decreasing the surface damages of advanced ceramics...

Authors: Bulent Tiryaki, Ian D. Gipps, Xing S. Li

Abstract: The selection of the cutter type is of crucial importance to maximise the advantages of mechanical rock excavation systems. Specific energy...

Authors: Gusri Akhyar Ibrahim, Che Hassan Che Haron, Jaharah A. Ghani

Abstract: Wear mechanism on the flank of a cutting tool is caused by friction between newly machined surface and the cutting tool, which plays...

Authors: Kohichi Miura, Takazo Yamada, Hwa Soo Lee

Abstract: In the case of turning workpieces having high aspect ratios, i.e. length divided by diameter, it is not so easy to obtain high cylindricity...

Authors: Jian Long Kuo, Chung Hao Hsieh

Abstract: In TFT-LCD manufacturing process, the ACF is an essential material. To make the driving circuit conductive, the ACF attach process is used...

Authors: Osamu Horiuchi, Bo Xiao Ma, Mitsuyoshi Nomura, Takayuki Shibata, Yoshihiko Murakami, Masami Masuda

Abstract: To obtain some knowledge to predict the tool life caused by breakage, a series of slotting experiments was performed at various feed rates...

Authors: Bin Shen, Fang Hong Sun, Dong Can Zhang

Abstract: The chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond and diamond-like carbon (DLC) films are deposited on the cobalt cemented tungsten carbide...


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