Advances in Abrasive Technology XIII

Volumes 126-128

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yunn Shiuan Liao, Y.P. Yu, C.H. Chang

Abstract: The use of cutting fluid containing nano particles in wet grinding and MQL grinding of Ti-6A1-4V is studied. For comparison purpose,...

Authors: Xiang Long Zhu, Ren Ke Kang, Yong Qing Wang, Dong Ming Guo

Abstract: Grinding forces during grinding silicon wafer have great influences on the accuracy, surface quality and grinding yield of the wafer. It is...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Liang, Xi Bin Wang, Yong Bo Wu, Wen Xiang Zhao

Abstract: This study investigates surface formation characteristics in elliptical ultrasonic assisted grinding (EUAG) of monocrystal sapphire. During...

Authors: Kohichi Miura, Masayuki Takahashi, Takazo Yamada, Hwa Soo Lee

Abstract: In order to fabricate micro geometrical shapes by EDM process, micro electrodes as tools are needed. At present, micro electrodes are...

Authors: Kuen Ming Shu, Chih Shiang Chang, Wei Jun Chuang, Shi Iun Wang, Yau Yheng Jang

Abstract: The Taguchi Method was applied in this study to discuss the mechanical strength of heterogeneous plastic materials by ultrasonic-aided spin...

Authors: Masayuki Nunobiki, Koichi Okuda, Kousuke Hourai, Hiroo Shizuka

Abstract: This paper deals with laser forming procedure to bend pure titanium sheets along arbitrary curved shape. In preliminary experiments, single...

Authors: C.W. Cheng, J.S. Chen, P.X. Lee, C.W. Chien

Abstract: In this study, a method for the fabrication of microstructures on the surface and inside photosensitive glass (Foturan glass) by...

Authors: Peng Yao, Takuro Abe, Nobuhito Yoshihara, Tian Feng Zhou, Ji Wang Yan, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa

Abstract: Fused silica is an important material for optics of ultraviolet laser transmission. It is difficult to be ground in ductile mode because of...

Authors: Ke Yu Shue, Yao Yang Tsai, Yo Ming Chang

Abstract: Dry Electrical discharge machining (Dry EDM), using gas as dielectric, has been developed to solve problems against environment. It has both...

Authors: Sachiko Ogawa, Shinpei Okumura, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Yoshiaki Onchi

Abstract: Rising demand for sustainable development motivated our eco-friendly polishing method. In this study, fixed-abrasive polishing using a...


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