Material and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 129-131

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Tang Wang, Jian Lin Zhu, Pei Liang Cao, Wen Juan Liu

Abstract: A definition evaluation function is proposed for the Vickers hardness indentation images in this paper. Based on the characteristics of...

Authors: Xin Huan Niu, Bai Mei Tan, Xiao Hong Zhao, Wei Lian Zhang

Abstract: Silicon-Germanium (SiGe) single crystal is a fully miscible solid solution with diamond-base, and has attracted keen interest as material...

Authors: Xiao Hui Wang

Abstract: A series of zinc oxide-modified mesoporous SBA-15 materials were synthesized. The desulphurization test with a gas mixture containing 0.1...

Authors: Xiao Dong Zhu, Feng Hu Wang, Jun Cao, Jian Ping Sun

Abstract: Three mixed liquids, Styrene, Methylmethacrylate and Vinyl acetate were used to soak poplar veneer to obtain strengthen poplar veneers. The...

Authors: Bao Wei Hao, Yuan Li, Shi Zhao Wang

Abstract: oleic acid-modified nano-titanium dioxide were synthesized by Oleic acid and tetrabutyl titanate via the sol-gel method, and characterized...

Authors: Guo Qiang Chen, Jun Wei Zhao

Abstract: This paper presents a scheme to develop a remote experiment platform for robot. The structure based on Internet and Browser/Server is...

Authors: Fen Yu, Shi Leonard, Fei Long Yang

Abstract: The causes of the honeycomb core node separation/core crush defects of fiberglass sandwich panel is analyzed. The porosity of skin and...

Authors: Lin Hu Tang, Jian Long Huang, Li Ming Xie, Wen Cui Luo

Abstract: The influence of cutting conditions on temperature of CBN cutting tool edge during dry hard machining of hardened AISI D2 tool steel...

Authors: Jun Feng Wang, Sui Huai Yu, Jan Jie Chu, Bin Qi

Abstract: Sustainable product design has become the tendency of the product design because the degradation of the environment. However, there are no...

Authors: De Peng Chen, Chun Lin Liu, Chun Xiang Qian

Abstract: Concrete deformation due to temperature and moisture condition will always develop simultaneously and interactively. The numerical...


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