Material and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 129-131

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Long Fang Ren, Xue Chuan Wang, Jian Hua Ding

Abstract: In order to combine the properties of phosphate surfactants and silicone surfactants, the polyether-modified polysiloxane phosphate (PPSP)...

Authors: Qing Quan Xiao, Quan Xie, Ke Jie Zhao, Zhi Qiang Yu

Abstract: Semiconducting Mg2Si films were fabricated on Si (111) substrates by magnetron sputtering and subsequent annealing, and the effects of...

Authors: Xiao Lei Wang, Jun Fu Wei, Yan Ming Yang, Huan Zhang, Guo Yang Shi

Abstract: Polysulfone (PSf) hollow fiber ultrafiltration (UF) membranes were surface-modified by the UV-induced graft polymerization of...

Authors: Feng Li Wang, De You Zhao

Abstract: Local rub-impact is common faults in rotating machinery and results in impact and friction between rotor and stator. The vibration signals...

Authors: Pai Li, Hong Fu Zhang, Yao Xiang Li, Ya Zhao Zhang, Hui Juan Zhang

Abstract: Application of BP neural network and NIRS for larch wood density prediction was investigated in this paper. The original spectra were...

Authors: Wen He Wang, Jun Yi, Shi Ming Shen

Abstract: Corrosion law and mechanism of 20# low-carbon steel in near-neutral soil along Yangtze River in Nanjing are studied by experiments of buried...

Authors: Li Li Ren

Abstract: The catalytic decomposition of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) under microwave heating was studied. The effect of microwave supply power on H2S...

Authors: Zhong Wen Xing, Jun Jia Cui, Hong Sheng Liu, Chun Feng Li

Abstract: Hot stamping is an innovative way to manufacture complex-shaped components of high strength steel (HSS) sheet with a minimum of springback,...

Authors: Wen Gang Qin, Ai Hua Gao

Abstract: Image registration based on mutual information which shown to be effective is a computationally intensive process, and thus difficult to...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Xiao Wei Zhang, Yu Peng Qian, Ying Bo Zhu

Abstract: The paper discussed a way of detection on the mica-paper’s thickness is that use infrared radiation to detect it. According the mica-paper’s...


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