Material and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 129-131

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: R. Norhaniza, Ri Hanum Yahaya Subban, N.S. Mohamed

Abstract: LiSn2P3O12 has been prepared using mechanochemical milling method and sintered at 700 °C, 800 °C, 900 °C and 1000 °C for 8 hours. All...

Authors: Abdul Halim Abdullah, Alias Mohd Saman, Mohd Asri Mohd Nor, Ishkrizat Taib, Giha Tardan

Abstract: Bone loss and bone thickening phenomenon occurred due to different stiffness of the implant and femur. Implant with stiffer materials than...

Authors: Guo Qi Liu, Hong Xia Li, Wen Gang Yan, Guang Zhou Yan, Jian Bin Yu, Tian Fei Ma

Abstract: Free cutting steel is energy save material gradually extensive applied in the development of the engineering industry, but it is one of the...

Authors: Jian Cao, Hao Jun Zhou, Su Xiang Qian

Abstract: Power transformer is one of the most important electric equipments in power network, its running state has a direct effect on its safe...

Authors: Bin Jia, Yan Peng, Bo Ma

Abstract: The flow stress curves of Q345B microalloyed steel during hot compression deformation were obtained at 900-1100°C and strain rates of...

Authors: Cheng Kun Liu, Mei Yu Chen, Run Jun Sun, Wei Hua Zhang, Zhao Huan Zhang, Mu Yao

Abstract: In electrospinning, outlook of fibrous assembly changes not only with the variation of collecting setups, but with the electrospinning...

Authors: Sheng Le Ren, Yi Nan Lai, Yong Zhang Wang, Hua Lu, Ye Dai

Abstract: Winding molding is a commonly-used molding method for composite fiber materials. In this method, the fiber winding tension control is a key...

Authors: Zui Wei Xie, Shao Hua He, Xin Yue Wu

Abstract: The Dynamic Design Analysis Method (DDAM) calculation principles and procedures are addressed for a system with two degrees of freedom...

Authors: Jian Long Wu, Kamal Henri Khayat, Feng Xing

Abstract: Shrinkage can be critical factor for the design of structural members due to the length changes by the time-dependent deformation. In this...

Authors: Feng Juan Wu, Wan Xi Peng, Xian Yan Zhou, Qing Zhi Ma

Abstract: Bamboo is so easily Mouldy that bamboo products have no high value added utilization. Therefore, the effect of red extractives from 18...


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