Material and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 129-131

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cheng Xi Lei, Zhong Wen Xing, Hong Ya Fu

Abstract: The numerical simulation of hot-stamping process was carried out for UHSS square-cup parts, and the influence of dies temperature on the...

Authors: Mohamed Faraj Alfaidi, Xiao Xing Li, Mohamed A. Nwir

Abstract: One of the most recent techniques used by manufacturing companies to improve the product development process is computer simulation....

Authors: Yao Li, Jin Tang Yang, Xiao Liang Zhang, Gong Fa Li, Jin Hui Wang

Abstract: Expander is undertaking the important task to offer essential cold to the air separation course, that the cold produced to make air liquefy,...

Authors: Wan Xi Peng, Feng Juan Wu, Yi Qiang Wu, Qing Zhi Ma

Abstract: Bamboo forest was a dominantly ecological and sustainable economic recources. However, bamboo extractives and hemicellulose were nearly...

Authors: Xiao Cong He

Abstract: Adhesive bonding is a high-speed fastening technique which is suitable for joining advanced lightweight sheet materials that are dissimilar,...

Authors: Y.Q. Cao, Zhao Xiang Deng, J. Li, H.J. Liu

Abstract: In order to obtain the parameters of viscoelastic damping material model, namely GHM, which account for frequency dependence and allow...

Authors: Yi Chun Wang, Xiao Xia Sun, Xiao Rong Tang, Fa Cheng Wang

Abstract: Electrorheological (ER) fluids are new materials with good properties such as dielectric constant, dielectric loss or conductivity, which...

Authors: Yu Chao, Jian Ye Guo, Jing Kui Li, Yan Li Zhang

Abstract: By turning testing workpieces of different hydrogen content Ti6Al4V alloy, measuring cutting force and surface roughness as well as...

Authors: Huan Zhang, Jun Fu Wei, Hai Tao Wang, Li Juan Mu, Fan Lei Yan

Abstract: The purpose of this paper was to evaluate the capacity of anion ion exchange fiber to uptake the heavy metal(Co2+、Cu2+、Zn2+、Cd2+、Pb2+、Ag+)...

Authors: Yan Pin Li, Xiao Qing Li, Peng Fei Wang

Abstract: This article discussed the preserve effect of the WC-HVOF coating to hydraulic turbine based on the research of sand abrasion in hydropower...


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