Material and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 129-131

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Gang Qin

Abstract: ERP systems have great influence on the tax auditing in enterprises implemented by the taxation authorities. This paper analyzes the...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Jiang, Xi Lan Feng, Xian Zhang Feng

Abstract: A study on solidification process of centrifugal cast high-speed steel (HSS) rolls and the crack forming condition is discussed. The result...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Jiang, Xi Lan Feng, Xian Zhang Feng

Abstract: High-carbon high-speed steels (HSS) are extremely abrasion resistant materials due to their high hardness MC type carbide and high hardness...

Authors: N.A. Dzulkurnain, N.S. Mohamed

Abstract: Composite solid electrolyte systems composed of different compositions of lithium triflate (LiCF3SO3) as host, and cerium oxide (CeO2) as...

Authors: Jing Tang, Yun An Hu, Jing Li

Abstract: On the basis of sufficient analysis to the characteristic of iterative learning control and PID controller parameter tuning, an idea of...

Authors: Yan Liu, Mao Fa Jiang, De Yong Wang

Abstract: Based on the mass and energy conservation, the coupling dynamic model for interfacial reaction between slag and metal was established using...

Authors: Feng Wang, Feng Wu, Chuan Wu, Ying Bai, Lian Wang

Abstract: Monoclinic Li3V2 (PO4)3/C cathode material has been synthesized by soft chemistry route and the electrochemical performance of this material...

Authors: Salmiah Ibrahim, N.S. Mohamed

Abstract: ZrO2 nano sized filler of different amounts is introduced into solid polymer electrolytes of PVDF-HFP-LiCF3SO3-ZrO2. It is observed that the...

Authors: Yi Zhong Yu, Xiao Yu Zhou

Abstract: Diskspring was used in new type of laser optical mounts for reposition. Due to stress relaxation of diskspring after long period loading,...

Authors: Eun Mi Kim, Ho Su Jang, Dong Sam Park

Abstract: Ultrasonic energy is spotlighted as a skill which connects detailed parts accurately and safely. So we designed the horn needed for...


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