Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions

Volumes 133-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rabia Özakin, Ayten Erdem

Abstract: The Ahi Çelebi Mosque, which is among Istanbul’s oldest mosques, is located on the shores of the Golden Horn in the Eminönü. This mosque,...

Authors: Ayten Erdem, Rabia Özakin

Abstract: A significant part of traditional dwellings in Turkey consists of houses built with wood-frame technique. The building of wood-frame houses...

Authors: Benedito Tadeu De Oliveira

Abstract: The article seeks to analyze the importance of the former headquarters of the Board of Public Health – DGSP (Diretoria Geral de Saúde...

Authors: Fabián López-Ulloa

Abstract: The Romantic vision of ancient architecture, together with the evaluation of the said architecture as historical legacy, have contributed to...

Authors: Imola Kirizsán, Bálint Szabó, László Vass

Abstract: The roof structure of the Lutheran Church in Bistriţa is one of the historic roof structures with the widest span in Europe. With a volume...

Authors: T.Lakshmi Priya

Abstract: The stepwells define the subterranean architecture of Western India. The term stepwell indicates the basic architectural features of a...

Authors: Dorottya Makay, Emese Olosz

Abstract: Historic structures generally and historic timber (roof) structures especially are not included into structural engineering curricula, in...

Authors: Özlem Cizer, Luc Schueremans, Gerty Serre, Elke Janssens, Koen Van Balen

Abstract: In restoration works compatibility requirements of repair mortars are defined based on the original mortar characteristics, but the...

Authors: Wei Xi Zhang, Ping Chen, Dong Zhao, Yan Qiang Zhang

Abstract: The structural damages, which result from the inadequate bearing capacity or the asymmetric support of foundation, are one of the crucial...

Authors: Mohamed M. Ziara

Abstract: Historical structures in Palestine are subjected to various types of damages due to natural or manmade causes that result in sudden...


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