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Authors: Meniconi Rodrigo Otávio De Marco, Benedito Tadeu De Oliveira
Abstract:The article deals with the restorations made in 2004, describing in addition several previous interventions, in particular, the work made by...
Authors: Klaus Holschemacher, Hubertus Kieslich
Abstract:Regarding the redevelopment of existing residential buildings the timber-concrete-compo- site (TCC) construction is an innovative...
Authors: Maurizio Piazza, Mariapaola Riggio, Roberto Tomasi, Ivan Giongo
Abstract:In this paper an investigation campaign, carried out in occasion of the restoration of a timber floor in the Belasi Castle (Trentino, Italy),...
Authors: Giovanna A. Massari, Mariapaola Riggio, Francesco Gadotti
Abstract:Historical timber structures can be considered a paradigm of the “diversity”, which characterizes each individual artefact or part of it and...
Authors: Caterina F. Carocci, Serena Cattari, Chiara Circo, Davide Indelicato, Cesare Tocci
Abstract:The paper illustrates the preliminary results of a research carried out on a historical centre heavily damaged by 2009 L’Aquila earthquake;...
Authors: Sergio Lagomarsino, Hormoz Modaressi, Kiriazis Pitilakis, Vlatko Bosiljkov, Chiara Calderini, Dina D’Ayala, Djillali Benouar, Serena Cattari
Abstract:The paper describes the methodology proposed in the PERPETUATE Project (funded by the Seventh Framework Programme – Theme ENV.2009.
Authors: Cecilia Aldunate Montes, Clara Guzmán Giesen
Abstract:Developing earthen architecture conservation in Chile is a widespread challenge present in different organizations in our country, although a...
Authors: Vladimir Rodríguez Trujillo, Eckart Kühne
Abstract:A group of churches of the 18th century in the Lowlands of Bolivia and Paraguay are characterized by a very special timber skeleton frame...
Authors: Valentina Russo, Gian Piero Lignola, Emanuela Vassallo, Alberto Zinno
Abstract:The research concerns the case-study of the church of Santa Maria del Popolo into the historical Incurabili Hospital in Naples, seriously...
Authors: Çağlayan Deniz Kaplan, Fulya Murtezaoğlu, Özge Akbulut, Başak İpekoğlu
Abstract:Historical settlements, which are integral parts of the cultural heritage, should be documented and evaluated with their local...
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