Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions

Volumes 133-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Meng Jing, Werasak Raongjant, Ratchaneewan Kerdmongkon

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to determine the mechanical properties of damaged historic masonry walls retrofitted with Glass Fiber...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Shi Bin Li, Tao Liu

Abstract: Retrofitting and moving protection for historical buildings have vital historical and cultural value for they concern both the development...

Authors: Lie Luo, Ming Zhao, Ying Liu

Abstract: For load-bearing capacity reducing of the walls of multi-storey masonry structure caused by the lower mortar strength and quality defects,...

Authors: Jian Zhuang Xiao, Wen Gui Li, M.M. Tawana

Abstract: vThe 4R principle refers to reduce, reuse, recycle and regeneration, which should be implemented in the process of concrete treatment. In...

Authors: A.R. Santhakumar, M.S. Mathews, S. Thirumurugan, Rao Uma

Abstract: Masonry heritage building built during early part of 19th century have characteristic colonial architecture using masonry walls and jack...

Authors: Eddy S.T. Leung, Evita S. Yeung, S.W. Chan

Abstract: The preservation and conservation of deteriorated historical structures is always a difficult but challenging task. Theoretically, all...

Authors: Piotr Berkowski, Grzegorz Dmochowski, Maciej Yan Minch, Jerzy Szołomicki

Abstract: This paper is an overview of structural interventions which should be made to the Baroque Oppersdorf Palace during its renovation. All main...

Authors: Piotr Berkowski, Grzegorz Dmochowski, Maciej Yan Minch, Jerzy Szołomicki

Abstract: Some aspects of the revitalization of the 14th century historical building are presented in the paper. The building was originally used as a...

Authors: Alberto Carpinteri, Stefano Invernizzi, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Amedeo Manuello

Abstract: In the present paper, a project for integrated investigation is described, using noninvasive methods, specially designed for dealing with...

Authors: Ashraf Osman

Abstract: This paper discusses the different techniques that can be adopted for conservation and preservation of historical earthen structures...


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