Materials Science and Engineering Applications

Volumes 160-162

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ti Feng Jiao, Yuan Yuan Xing, Jing Xin Zhou

Abstract: In order to investigate the supramolecular assembly and in situ coordination of special amphiphiles with aromatic moieties and without long...

Authors: Chuan Qi Fu, Zhou Wang

Abstract: Cu-Fe-Al composites containing various amounts of graphite additives are prepared by induction sintering method. The mechanical properties...

Authors: Zhi Yong Yang, Hong Wei Huang, Jun Yue

Abstract: In order to use existing conditions with requiring no additional cost to improve the seismic capacity of tunnel in soft soil, the impact of...

Authors: H.B. Zhang, Ming Zhu, R.Q. You

Abstract: Most of the synthetic biodegradable polymers are hydrophobic and lack of bioactivity. In contrast, native polymers, such as starch are...

Authors: Bao Zhu Sheng, Xiao Juan Chen

Abstract: Building material industry which belongs to High-carbon is facing severe challenges and great opportunity when coping with global climatic...

Authors: Ju Yang, Dan Qun Huo, Chang Jun Hou, Guo Ping Zhang, Li Min Yang, Yu Chan Zhang, Le Jia Dong, Juan Li

Abstract: A novel protein delivery system with incorporating PLGA microspheres into porous PNIPAAm hydrogel for sustained delivery of proteins was...

Authors: Xin Mei Xiang, Yu Long Li, Tao Suo, Bing Hou

Abstract: The compressive behaviors of aluminum foam under impact loading are investigated using FEM simulations. The plastic deformation takes place...

Authors: Yan Sun, Yong Liu

Abstract: These new synthesized diazeniumdiolates obtained from D-gluconic acid-bearing chitosan derivatives (SBC) with different molecular weight...

Authors: Jian Zhong Ma, Qun Na Xu, Dang Ge Gao, Jing Yi Zhang, Yan Xiao Ma

Abstract: Caprolactam modified casein(CA-CPL) was prepared by using casein and caprolactam firstly. Caprolactam modified casein/waterborne...

Authors: Bin Yang, De Zhi Zeng

Abstract: A more comprehensive,systematic experimentical ground tests of the expansion process of expandable casing were performed. In the tests, 6 5...


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