Materials Science and Engineering Applications

Volumes 160-162

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kun Chen, Pei Chen, Quan Guo Luo, Zhao Tun Liu

Abstract: A typical parameterized model of pipe axis’ secondary necking in hot extrusion process was built,and the evaluation index of forming effect...

Authors: Jun Qing Guo, Yong Shun Yang, Fu Xiao Chen, Xue Kao Li

Abstract: There are many advantages of magnesium alloy such as light mass, nonrattling and electromagnetic interference shield. Yet, its ductility was...

Authors: Lin Peng Fan, Zeng Xiao Cai, Chun Chen Wu, Xiao Hua Geng, Hong Sheng Wang, Chuang Long He, Xiu Mei Mo

Abstract: In this study, regenerated silk fibroin (RSF, from Bombyx mori) nanofibers with smooth surface had been successfully prepared via...

Authors: Li Yong Jia, Ning Gan, Lei Zheng, Qian Wang

Abstract: A novel amperometric immunosensor for the determination of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) was constructed using multi-wall carbon nanotubes...

Authors: Hong Xiang, Wen Ming Wang

Abstract: Globe warming caused by Green House Gas emissions has been threatening human life and development, and the CO2 emission associated with...

Authors: Zhi Feng Wang, Si Dong Li, Xiao Dong She

Abstract: Kinetics of vulcanization of natural rubber coagulated by microorganisms (NR-m) was studied with the use of a vulcameter. In the induction...

Authors: Xiu Yan Xi, Jie Li

Abstract: From the prospect of environmental optimization the paper establishes a two-dimensional structure of low-carbon efficiency model firstly,...

Authors: Xiao Juan Lu, Duo Wang Fan

Abstract: ITO thin films used in PTCDA/Si detector should be made at low temperature for low temperature resistance of substrate. ITO thin films were...

Authors: Li Li Yu, Zhen Zhong Tang, Jin Zhen Cao, Li Yan

Abstract: In this paper, in order to eliminate the adverse effects of blue-stain on the wood surface appearance and improve wood mechanical...

Authors: Zhao Qiang Zhang, Shu Lian Xiao, Jin Song Lei

Abstract: Based on the Unified Strength Theory(UST),the ultimate load calculation formula for the recycled aggregate concrete-filled steel tubular...


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