Materials Science and Engineering Applications

Volumes 160-162

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Na Wang, Juan Rong Ma, Hai Bo Liu

Abstract: The variable regulation of maximum principle stress and deflection of glass panel in hidden curtain wall were analyzed by using uniform...

Authors: Yong Zheng Fang, Jia Yue Xu, Zhan Yong Wang, Li Li Hu

Abstract: Two kinds of Er-doped lithium phosphate glass have been chemically strengthened by ion exchange in a mixed binary melt of KNO3 and NaNO3 at...

Authors: Xue Li Yao, Song Lin Yi, Xiao Yan Zhang, Bi Guang Zhang

Abstract: First building up the test bed of heat recovery unit which made use of Self-Exciting Mode Oscillating-Flow Heat Pipe heat exchanger,...

Authors: Zhen Kai Xu, Hui Xia Liu, Pin Li, Xin Hua Song, Kai Wang, Xiao Wang

Abstract: Laser transmission microjoining of two dissimilar materials has become a very significant technique. In this research, a numerical method is...

Authors: Hui Xia Feng, Sheng Li Liu, Jian Qiang Zhang

Abstract: Attapulgite was organic surface modified with silane coupling agent (KH570) and acetone, with ferric chloride (FeCl3∙6H2O) as the oxidant,...

Authors: Qian Xu, Carsten Schwandt, Derek J. Fray

Abstract: Powders of tantalum, niobium and an alloy thereof have been prepared by the electro-deoxidation of their oxide precursors in a eutectic melt...

Authors: Dong Wei Li, Shao Jian Zhang

Abstract: The performance of two-phase anaerobic in a laboratory-scale operating on traditional Chinese pharmaceutical industry wastewater at various...

Authors: Quan Guo Lu, Yong Hong Yang

Abstract: With the disadvantages of complex structure, complicated operation and power control, the application of existing high-building escape...

Authors: Pei Chen, Quan Guo Lu, Ding Fang Chen, Kun Chen

Abstract: By combining magnetostrictive actuator with flow valve directly, the flow was precisely controlled due to magnetic materials’ properties of...

Authors: K.B. Tan, C.H. Liang

Abstract: The Lorentz medium model for magnetization is modification, through which the whole Lorentz models become more symmetric one than...


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