Materials Science and Engineering Applications

Volumes 160-162

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Yuan, Qi Xin Zheng, Jian Cheng

Abstract: In this investigation, nano-scale hydroxyapatite (HA) particles were incorporated in poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-valerate) (PHBV) polymer to...

Authors: Chuan Bo Li, Kristel Fobelets, S.N. Syed Jalal, Wei A. Ng, Zahid A.K. Durrani

Abstract: The influence of the chemical modification on the electrical property of Si nanowire array was studied. It is found that H-terminated Si...

Authors: Wei Jun Yang, Jiu Ling Zhao, Suo Li Guo

Abstract: For analyzing the effect of different particles composing and distributing on composite propellant, it is necessary to generate mesh for the...

Authors: Pedro Pereira, Nuno Peixinho, Delfim Soares, Cândida Vilarinho, Dina Dimas

Abstract: This study presents experimental results of an approach consisting of local heating of aluminium alloy structures with the purpose of...

Authors: Mei Qin Lin, Jin Ru Guo, Feng Qiang Xu, Gui Qing Zhang, Ming Yuan Li, Bo Peng

Abstract: The shape and size of the linked polymer microspheres and the matching between the microsphere size and nuclear-pore membranes were studied...

Authors: Wei Feng Yang, Liang Qiao, Tao Wang, Fa Shen Li

Abstract: The amorphous FeCuNbSiB ribbons were first annealed at the temperature of 450 oC and 540 oC, respectively. Then, these annealed ribbons were...

Authors: Hong Zhu, Zhi Hui Qiu, Qiong Hou

Abstract: An economical production process of higher N-acetylchitooligosaccharides [(GlcNAc)n, n=5~7 ] was developed with enzymatic and chemical...

Authors: Hong Zhu, Qiong Hou

Abstract: Several crude enzymes including cellelase Tv, hemicellulase and lipase, papain as well as cellulase Ac were examined for the effective...

Authors: Xiao Qin Yue, Qi Lin Mei, Zhi Xiong Huang, Peng Wen, Ling Huang

Abstract: The curing reaction of diallyl orthophthalate(DAOP) resin, which was initiated by dicumyl peroxide(DCP), was studied by Fourier transform...

Authors: Cong Cong Yin, Hong Bin Qi, Xiao Chao Chen, Zhi Hui Wang

Abstract: The silicon-rich filtrate which was obtained from the desilication solution of potassium-rich rock was used as raw materials to prepare...


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