Materials Science and Engineering Applications

Volumes 160-162

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Teh Chau Liau, Jin Jei Wu, Jian Qi Shen, Tzong Jer Yang

Abstract: The optical response of an atomic vapor can be controlled by using tunable quantum interference induced by external control field. A...

Authors: Dou Li, Dong Wei Li

Abstract: The cyclohexanone production wastewater includes hazardous material such as cyclohexanone and cyclohexane which can harm the vessel of human...

Authors: Guo Zhu Mao, Shu Zhang, Hui Bin Du, Hong Mei Wang, Li He Chai

Abstract: The aquatic ecosystem of lake is a complex open systems, this study that is based on the principles of maximum flux selects Caohai as the...

Authors: Yong Zhao, Shuo Hou, Xiao Jun Liang, Li Guang Fang, Guang Hu Sheng, Fei Xu

Abstract: Dry and wet oxidation silica films doped with silicon ions were prepared using metal vapor vacuum arc (MEVVA) ion source implanter. The does...

Authors: Tao Jiang

Abstract: The Fe3Al/Al2O3 composites were fabricated by plasma active sintering process. The Fe3Al intermetallics compounds powders were fabricated by...

Authors: Feng Hou, Hong Xu, Yu Lin Dai, Zhi Yan Yao, Cao Yan

Abstract: Over the last ten years, sulfuric acid dewpoint corrosion has become a more important concern in refinery furnaces since sulfur levels in...

Authors: Nai Bao Huang, Cheng Hao Liang, Guo Qiang Lin, Li Shuang Xu, Bao Lian Li

Abstract: By using electrochemical techniques, the electrochemical characteristic of Cr-based film coated 304 stainless steel (304SS) as proton...

Authors: Wu Lian Zhang, Xin Ding, Xu Dong Yang

Abstract: The nonlinear viscoelastic response of a PVC-Coated Fabric has been studied. For the needs of the present study, creep and recovery tests in...

Authors: Bin Jie Wang, Qiang Li, Zhi Ming Liu

Abstract: Hot spot stress (HSS) approach is more applicable for fatigue evaluation, because it is more closer to the real stress at the welded notch...

Authors: Dong Mei Wang, Qiang Hua Liao, Zi You Bai

Abstract: Many experiments and analysis of folded honeycomb consisting of corrugated paperboards show that the use of linerboard can increase the...


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