Materials Science and Engineering Applications

Volumes 160-162

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Man Tuiprae, Sittichai Wirojanupatump, Sukanda Jiansirisomboon

Abstract: Characteristics of in flight particle and splat fabricated by arc spraying of three different types of cored-wire including WC-Cr-Ni,...

Authors: Tao Wang, Wen Li Yu, San Qiang Dong, Yun Liang Gao

Abstract: In foregoing study, a new phenomenon of the local dent of upper face sheet occurs in the simulation of dynamic response of sandwich plate...

Authors: Li Bao An, Li Jia Feng, Chun Guang Lu

Abstract: Parameter optimization in multi-pass cutting operations involves optimal selection of cutting speed, feed rate, depth of cut, and the number...

Authors: Bao Lai Wang, Zhen Qing Wang, Guo Dong Fang, Jun Liang, Li Min Zhou

Abstract: Based on changing the braid angle and geometrical sizes, the compressive experiment of 3D braided four-directional Carbon/Epoxy braided...

Authors: Ning Chen, Jian Tao Du, Xi Xian Xie, Qing Yang Xu

Abstract: To predict and control feed batch fermentations of Corynebacterium glutamicun TQ2226 which can produce L-histidine , in this paper , we use...

Authors: Yi Li, Zhen Kai Wan, Jia Lu Li

Abstract: This paper describes the method of Fiber Bragg Grating(FBG)embedded in the three-dimensional(3D) braded composite materials and provides the...

Authors: Qing Wei Wang, Hong Zhi Wang, Wei Ning

Abstract: the oxidation resistance of glass-based coating on molybdenum substrate was studied in the paper. The Mo substrates with glass based coating...

Authors: Xiao Tian Yang, Xia Li, Wen Sheng Li

Abstract: Al-(4-5)%Cu alloy was served as experiment material,the effect of pulsed currents on the solidification structure was investigated. During...

Authors: F. Sahnoune, N. Saheb, P. Goeuriot

Abstract: Mullite–zirconia composites were synthesized through reaction sintering Algerian kaolin, α-Al2O3, and ZrO2. Phases present and their...

Authors: Xin Chen, Jian Ping Tan, Zhong Yun

Abstract: By analyzing fluid dynamics of blood in an artificial blood pump and simulating the flow field structure and the flow performance of blood,...


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