Materials Science and Engineering Applications

Volumes 160-162

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Ling Fan, Wen Jun Qin

Abstract: An allowable design method is presented, along with its experimental validation, to obtain engineering-standard design allowable for fatigue...

Authors: Xi Hong Li, Yao Xiao, Biao Wang, Ya Qing Lu, Yao Tang, Cheng Jun Wang

Abstract: The effects of nano-particles (CaCO3, SiO2 and organic modified montmorillonite (OMMT) on the suppression of DOP migration from PVC matrix...

Authors: Gang Li

Abstract: The effect of ammonia etching (AE) pretreatment on the formation of catalyst nanoparticles from homogeneous Ni films deposited by sputtering...

Authors: Xiao Song Li, An Hui Cai, Hua Chen, Ji Jie Zeng, Yong Zhou

Abstract: The effects of heat treatment on morphology of primary α and hardness of B-refined Al-7 wt% Si alloy are investigated. In addition, the...

Authors: Tuan Hui Feng, Yuan Min Zhang, Yun Hui Li

Abstract: The fabrication of the single-negative (SNG) metamaterials involving the tunable SNG metamaterials based on coplanar waveguide is...

Authors: Guang Lei Zhang, Guo Qiang Qin, Yuan Hua Zhang, Pu Cheng, Chang Tao Shao

Abstract: Feldspar-alumina dental ceramics were produced by impressed sintering method and characterized by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron...

Authors: Lei Wang, Guang Sheng Guo, Fu Bo Gu, Zhi Hua Wang

Abstract: Three different CeO2 sphere nanomaterials (hollow sphere, flowerlike sphere, spherical cluster) were controllably synthesized by carbon...

Authors: Duan Fan, Mei Lan Qi

Abstract: The evolution of microstructure and the mechanical response of ultrapure aluminum subjected to plastic deformation using plate-impact...

Authors: Ding Feng, Cheng Yang, Ao Xiao, Chao Ruan, Hong Zhang

Abstract: The modular design principle is that much more products are composed by fewness module, and the products should be stable, and have high...

Authors: Xiu Long Chen, Huai Bo Shan, Xi Hua Liu, Gui Lian Wang

Abstract: In order to solve spring-back problem of the stamping forming process, A method for stamping forming and spring-back process simulation of...


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