Materials Science and Engineering Applications

Volumes 160-162

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ri Chao Liu, Zhong Hua Tang, Wei Yang Qi

Abstract: This paper adopted computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method, used k-ε RNG turbulence model-closed control differential equations for...

Authors: Li Hong Zheng, Li Ma

Abstract: Because of many advantages, radiation panel is a very promising air terminal device now. The paper analyzed the advantages and disadvantages...

Authors: Ling Wang, Wei Yang Qi, Ri Chao Liu, Shun Jun He

Abstract: Using the method of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), numerically simulates office building with chilling ceiling /displacement...

Authors: Mo You Xiong, Zhong Hua Tang

Abstract: Due to T-tube tee is used mostly to connect ducts of the central air conditioning system, different angles of branch pipes caused different...

Authors: Zhong Hua Tang

Abstract: Polyacrylamide after the molecule degradation is used as dispersant and the coal gangue as the raw material to prepare the nanometer Al...

Authors: Jian Zhong Li, Yan Wen Tian, Ying Li, Xiang Rong Wang

Abstract: The initial nickel deposition for the direct electroless nickel plating on active SiCp/Al composites is critical. So it is necessary to...

Authors: Xiao Jun Jia

Abstract: Analysis of the nature frequency of flexural vibration is vital to be able to provide effective shock absorption for a ship’s tail shaft....

Authors: Xiao Ying Hou, Yun Bo Xu, Di Wu

Abstract: Laboratory hot rolling experiments on a low-carbon TRIP steel containing vanadium have been carried out to study the microstructure...

Authors: Xue Juan Cao, Yun Bo Lei, Wei Wang

Abstract: Base asphalt can be separated into four fractions, which are saturates, naphetene aromatics, polar-aromatics and asphaltenes. The thermal...

Authors: Kai Li, Xiao Long Tang, Hong Hong Yi, Ping Ning, Zhi Qing Ye, Dong Juan Kang, Jing Hao Song

Abstract: Mn-Co-Ox catalyst was prepared by the co-precipitation method. The most active catalysts were obtained with a molar Co/(Mn+Co) ratio of 0.1....


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