Materials Science and Engineering Applications

Volumes 160-162

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Dong, Jia Ying Xin, Ying Xin Zhang, Lin Lin Chen, Hong Ye Liang, Chun Gu Xia

Abstract: Methane-utilizing mixed culture HD6T was successfully cultivated in a brief non-sterile process using methanol as a sole carbon and energy...

Authors: Yu Xin Gao, Cheng Zhao, Zhi Gang Fang, Jian Yi

Abstract: Micro-nanostructure coatings have been attempted to prepare by Electro-spark deposition (ESD) on cast iron substrate. The microstructures...

Authors: Peng Cai, Hong Zheng, Peng Liang, Shu Ping Liang

Abstract: Competitive adsorption experiment of fluoride and phosphate on MgAl-CO3 LDHs has been conducted. A series of batch experiments were...

Authors: Niu Can Liu, Jun Qing Li, Zhong Xia Liu

Abstract: Double compound modification was carried out for hypereutectic Al-24Si alloy. The experiment showed that double modification with phosphorus...

Authors: Chang Ji Hu, Zhen Hui He

Abstract: ZnO thin films were deposited on polyimide foil substrates using cathodic vacuum arc deposition technique. X-ray diffraction was used to...

Authors: Yu Yan Li, Xie Qing Huang

Abstract: In order to solve technological key problem of metallic rubber in the respect of engineering application, based on porous materials theory,...

Authors: Bao Sheng Zhao, Yang Gao, Ying Tao Zhao

Abstract: Through generalizing the method of a decay analysis technique determining the interior solution developed by Gregory and Wan, a set of...

Authors: Su Xia Zhou, Jun Qing Zhang, Yue Yang, Ji Long Xie

Abstract: Thermal fatigue tests are carried out to the notch specimens made of particle-reinforced composites entitled SiCp/A356 between 20°C and...

Authors: Ro Bin Hong, Hong Mei Wang

Abstract: High-voltage insulation space-components are critical to the reliability of traveling wave tube amplifiers on satellite. Unlike in...

Authors: Zheng Zhi Luo, Yi Su Pan

Abstract: In this article the application possibilities of welding simulation for vice-frame components are discussed. A three dimensional finite...


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