Materials Science and Engineering Applications

Volumes 160-162

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Quan Jiao, Dong Wei Li

Abstract: The influence of HRT , oxidic time and anoxidic time on the carbon and nitrogen removal of integrated oxidation ditch with continuous flow...

Authors: Zhi Hong Li, Ji Min Wu, Shu Jie Huang, J. Guan, Xi Zheng Zhang

Abstract: Strontium hydroxyapatite powders was prepared by the hydrothermal method using Sr(NO3)2 and (NH4)2HPO4 as reagents. Fourier transform...

Authors: Hai Yan Yu, Li Bao, You Zhi Deng, Wei Cao

Abstract: Stamping speed is an important parameter in sheet metal forming especially in hot forming. In this study, hot forming of a U-shaped part...

Authors: Xi Peng, Bin Quan Jiao, Dong Wei Li

Abstract: The total content of heavy metal in solid waster is usually used to forecast heavy metal’s potential harm for environment.This work was to...

Authors: Ji Kun Zhao

Abstract: With static and dynamic load for the research background, this paper conducted a four-phase composite model for concrete damage test...

Authors: Xin Min Min, Hong Fei Liu

Abstract: The related single phases, composites of TiB2/Cu and doped with Fe or Mo series were calculated by the density function and discrete...

Authors: Jian Qiang Han, Xiu Yan Fu, Yu Min Zhang

Abstract: The frame beam end uses the carbon fiber cloth restraint, then uses the steel stranded wire assembly,which is a new assembly architecture...

Authors: Ming Hua Bai, Rui Song Tong, Jun Li Ge

Abstract: The fluid flow of Q235 molten steel in 700mm×700mm billet mold has been numerically simulated by a software FLUENT. By comparing the...

Authors: Wen Xia Wang, Ping Liu, Lian Tao Gan

Abstract: At annealing temperature, Al-Mg alloys have grain boundary and surface magnesium segregation and their strength are also impossibly enhanced...

Authors: Hong Zheng, Yang Wang, Peng Liang, Hong Bin Qi

Abstract: The ability of Cr-bentonite prepared using synthetic wastewater containing chromium was investigated for adsorptive removal of 4-aminophenol...


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