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Authors: Tian Guo Wang, Qun Qin, Dong Jian Zhou
Abstract:A low-voltage TiO2 capacitor-varistor ceramics doped with Ta2O5 and Nd2O3 was systematically researched. The effect of Nd2O3 on the...
Authors: Fang Xie, Zuo Min Liu
Abstract:In order to investigate the effects of temperature on the contact strengths of the thick-walled cellular solids, materials of H59 brass was...
Authors: Min Xian Shi, Ming Zhang, Zhi Xiong Huang, Yan Qin
Abstract:The PMN/EP composites were prepared by resin casting method from PMN powder pretreated with silane coupling agent KH-550. The microstructure...
Authors: Qing Jun Zhu, Kai Wang, Xin Hong Wang
Abstract:Aluminum coatings were prepared by cold spray on mild carbon steel Q235. Scanning electron microscopy shows that the bond zone has good...
Authors: Xin Zhao, Xiao Ling Yang
Abstract:A new kind of die steel, WD1 used for warm work dies, was developed. The secondary hardening behavior and its affecting factors were studied....
Authors: Jing Lan Hong, Xiang Zhi Li
Abstract:A life cycle assessment was carried out to estimate the environmental impact of industry waste as aggregate in cement production. To confirm...
Authors: Ruo Mei Wu, Shu Quan Liang, Zhi Qing Yuan, Hong Chen, Jing Deng
Abstract:In order to improve the corrosion resistance property of the aluminum alloy surface, a simple chemical immersion method was developed for...
Authors: Hua Dong Xu, Li Hai Wang
Abstract:The dynamic modulus of elasticity (MOE) of forty one small Acer mono clear wood specimens was tested via stress wave, ultrasonic wave,...
Authors: Quan Zhong Wang, Chang Jiang He, Bin Xu
Abstract:We analyzed static finite element of the container flooring and chassis combination structure rolling by a car; then, we analyzed the maximum...
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