Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zheng Yao, Guo Huan Lou

Abstract: In order to more rapidly and accurately diagnose the fault, the CAN bus was applied to system. In this article, an intelligent fault...

Authors: Yan Tao Jiang, Si Tian Chen, Cheng Hua Li

Abstract: In this paper, the fast multipole virtual boundary element - least square method (Fast Multipole VBE - LSM) is proposed and used to simulate...

Authors: Chun Mei Wu

Abstract: In classroom, students do more listening than reading. Listening competence is “larger” than speaking. The significance of listening in...

Authors: Qing Wen Qu, Cheng Jun Wang, Xiao Dan Lou

Abstract: The intensity of the spring was adjusted with finite element method and the distributive laws of stress field and displacement field were...

Authors: Xi Zhao, Ying Li

Abstract: A production distribution problem (PDP) with the third party logistics (3PL) is discussed in the present paper. Then, a PDP model is built...

Authors: Wen Xing Wang, Xing Lin Cao

Abstract: Transmitter is one of the communications-equipment in modern industrial. The basic principles of the transmitter is described in this...

Authors: Hong Bing Xiao, Pei Yuan Guo

Abstract: The multi-point initiation control technology of electronic security systems uses high-performance and high-pressure transformer, which...

Authors: Yong Mei Liu, Yong Guan, Jie Zhang

Abstract: As an off-line simulation tool, the modular modelling method of Matlab/Simulik has the features of high efficiency and visualization. In...

Authors: Hong Lin Guo, Rong Qian Wang

Abstract: In this work, the notion of matrix-valued multiresolution analysis of space L2(Rn,...

Authors: Li Jun Cao, Hui Bin Hu, Jun Qi Qin, Xin Wen Cao

Abstract: Aiming at the teaching and training requirements of new equipments, a new kind of military teaching and training paltform for follow-up...


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