Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Hong Zhong, Hong Wei Liu

Abstract: In turbulent business environment, executives’ cognition plays an important role in their understanding and the process of decision making....

Authors: Wen Bo Duan, Hai Peng Geng, Bai Song Yang, Yan Hua Sun, Lie Yu

Abstract: In this paper, a simplified nonlinear finite element for bump foil forming process of foil air bearings is developed. The bump foil is dealt...

Authors: Wen Xing Wang, Xing Lin Cao

Abstract: Through the construction of substation monitoring system based on Bluetooth, the separate monitoring systems of environment is integrated...

Authors: Yan Zhe Li, Duo Wang Fan, Yang Zhao

Abstract: A controller based on DSP (Digital signal processor) is built during Arc Ion Plating. The purpose of controller is to realize real-time and...

Authors: Li Xi Zhang, Shuai Zhou, Wen Bin Chen

Abstract: Inorganic heat pipe is a new kind of heat transfer elements. To research the condensing characteristics of inorganic heat pipe condenser...

Authors: Jie Yang, De Xiu Hu, Xiao Long Wu

Abstract: Compared with CFRDs in about 100-meter height, the high CFRDs in about 200-meter height are more sophisticated in dam deformation, seepage,...

Authors: Yi Ding, Hui Li Gong

Abstract: The needs for vegetation water content monitoring originates from forest fire assessment: Firstly, the vegetation water content affects the...

Authors: Long Fei Fu, Gang Xin, Shui Lian Zhang

Abstract: According to the characteristics of HF channel and chirp signal, an innovative multipath time-delay model of wide-band HF channel was...

Authors: Peng Yang

Abstract: This paper studies a member selection problem of a supply chain network consisting of many different projects, such as supply,...

Authors: Xi Yong Zhu, Shan Shan Gu, Shi Xiong Wang

Abstract: Cloud computing is changing the way enterprises develop and deploy information systems. With the rapid development and successful...


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