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Authors: Ming Qing Jia, Jia Yu Yu
Abstract: After opening its doors to the international business scene, foreign direct investment has made considerable contributions to the economic growth in Jiangsu Province. But as a coin has two sides, there is also a negative aspect that we are faced with the environmental degradation. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the environmental effect of FDI and provide some reference to the harmonious development of economy and environment in Jiangsu province. In this paper, we started with a research about a present situation of foreign direct investment and environment of Jiangsu Province, and then we made an empirical analysis on the environmental effect of foreign direct investment in Jiangsu Province, finally we put forward some policy proposals. The sustained growth of foreign direct investment is one of the important causes of environmental degradation in Jiangsu Province. We should improve environment supervision and management in developing FDI.
Authors: Qiang Li, Suang Xia, Fei Zhao
Abstract: Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), to observe the changes of cerebral functional cortex in prelingual deaf singers for Chinese sign language(CSL). Results:During observing and imitating CSL, the activated areas in all groups include bilateral middle frontal gyrus, middle temporal gyrus, superior parietal lobule, cuneate lobe, fusiform gyrus and lingual gurus. The activation of bilateral inferior frontal gyrus were found in groupⅠ, Ⅲ and Ⅳ, but no activation in groupⅡ. The activation of bilateral superior temporal gyrus and inferior parietal lobule were found in groupⅠand Ⅲ, but no activation in others. The volumes of bilateral inferior frontal gyrus in groupⅠwere greater than those in group Ⅲ and Ⅳ. The volumes of bilateral superior temporal gyrus in groupⅠwere greater than those in group Ⅲ. Conclusion:The cortex in PDS had occurred reorganization, after losing their auditory and learning the CSL. The activation of linguistic cortex can be found during oberserving and imitating CSL in PDS. The secondary auditory cortex and association area turn to take part in processing visual language when no auditory afference, whereas the primary auditory cortex do not participate the reorganization. Additionally, the visual cortex of PDS is more sensitive than that of normal heaing individuals.
Authors: Jian Xin Deng, Ming Shao
Abstract: As a forming process, squeeze casting is completed in the corresponding manufacturing system. The paper deals with the overall design of the manufacturing system-the forming system for squeeze casting. To construct a practical manufacturing system for this technology, the forming control process of squeeze casting is analyzed, where the key factors are identified to determine the production quality. Then the design principles for the forming system for squeeze casting are built and its functional requirements are attained. And an overall structure for this forming system is presented including the die design system, the design and management system of process parameters and the squeeze casting equipment system. This structure decreases the difficulties and the cost of building the physical system.
Authors: Ding Zhen Li, Rui Min Jin
Abstract: This thesis is according to the pitching part of airborne radar servo system. The electromechanical coupling model and optimization model which includes structure parameters and control parameters are built up based on model of mechanism transmission system and electricity control system. The dynamics model of mechanism transmission system includes the nonlinearity of backlash and is considered the influence of parameters for dynamics properties in structure of the mechanism transmission system. The method of integrated structure and control design is applied on the optimization model using GA. Simulation is done based on MATLAB/SIMULINK. Simulation results show that the method of integrated structure and control design is feasible and effective in servo system.
Authors: Xing Hua Yang, Ting Rui Liu, Jing Sun
Abstract: To maintain the outlet temperature at the desired set-point, a high-order outlet temperature control model is established for a shell-and–tube heat exchanger, which is based on the analysis of its heat transfer process and dynamic properties .The Optimal PID control is applied to the temerature control system on the basis of this model, and the tuning parameters of the PID controller are obtained by numerical solving of a formulated optimization problem using Matlab/Simulink. An experimental control system is set up to testify the effect of the optimal PID control. The simulation result and the practice show that the control system has a favorable control performance.
Authors: Jing Jun Zhang, Xiao Pin Guo, Li Li He, Rui Zhen Gao
Abstract: The design of fuzzy controller is the key of fuzzy control system, while the core of fuzzy controller design lies in fuzzy rules, whose performance determines the control effect of fuzzy system. General fuzzy rules are obtained from expert experience, in which much subjectivity exists. In this paper, a fuzzy controller is designed by taking an intelligent cantilever beam as the research object. And a method using the genetic algorithm to optimize fuzzy rules is proposed and the genetic coding as well as the fitness function is confirmed. Finally, the simulation model of intelligent cantilever beam is built by Matlab/Simulink, and the vibration control effects of fuzzy controller optimized by genetic algorithm are compared with those un-optimized. The simulation results indicate that the vibration amplitude of intelligent cantilever beam has a significant decrease and the vibration decay rate has a significant increase after the fuzzy rules optimized.
Authors: Ling Fang Sun, Hong Gang Xie, Li Hong Qiao
Abstract: The research on the fouling prediction of heat exchanger is significantly to improve operational efficiency and economic benefits of the plants. Based on the relevance vector machine with Gaussian kernel function, polynomial kernel function and hybrid kernel function, simulation research on the fouling prediction was introduced. We construct a six-inputs and one-output network model according to the fouling monitor principle and parameters with MATLAB, all training data came from the Automatic Dynamic Simulator of Fouling and input the network after normalized processing and reclassification. Simulations show that the root mean square error of fouling prediction with hybrid kernel function is less than simple kernel function, and has the better prediction precision.
Authors: Feng Kong
Abstract: TOPSIS has been in use for more than 20 years in many fields. However, few researches have studied its defect of rank reversal. This paper, by studying the fundamental cause for the rank reversal problem in TOPSIS, put forward an improvement on TOPSIS based on the decision maker’s subjective preferences, which can, proved by a numerical example, overcome the rank reversal problem and lead to more scientific decision result that is in more agreement with the decision makers’ subjective intensions.
Authors: Yu Hu, Bin Li
Abstract: The theory of artificial immune had been widely used in the research of network intrusion detection. Nowadays, the existing detector generating algorithms based on negative selection usually use a certain matching rule, as a result, too many detectors may generate, and the false alarm rate will become more serious. This paper proposes an improved negative selection algorithm using double matching rule: candidate detectors should be selected by the improved Hamming distance matching first, then the remaining detectors go through the segmented r-chunks(rch) matching rule. Experiments show that compared with traditional algorithms, this method brings a small number and more efficient detectors, reduces the false alarm rate and guarantees the efficiency of detectors.

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