Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yin Huang, Xia Miao Li, Da Peng Liu

Abstract: Food supply chain is a complex process. The author develops a model that will provide both researchers and practitioners with a means of...

Authors: Yang Xu, Zhi Jun Sun, Zhuo Meng, Yi Ze Sun

Abstract: The yarn tension is a key factor to accurately control carpet pile height, which changes with the yarn path and the path flexing. The...

Authors: Chen Li, Sheng Ling Xiao, Hong Lin

Abstract: . In daily life, expanded polystyrene foams (EPS) are widely used as packaging material and waste EPS has caused lots of environmental...

Authors: Xiao Hong Ni, Jing Yuan, Jin Yu Wang, Yu Tian Wang

Abstract: The paper describes the operation principle of optically powered sensor to measure differential pressure. Its probe powered by LD light only...

Authors: Jian Ming Cui

Abstract: With living standards improve, more and more attention of intelligent building. Follow that, required facilities of life, entertainment,...

Authors: Wen Ming Cao, Xiong Feng Li, Hao Feng

Abstract: We describe a new pattern recognition method which is based on the concept of geometry theory. The method identifies subsets of the data...

Authors: Qi Yuan Liu, You Xin Luo, Bin Zeng

Abstract: Many questions in natural science and engineering are transformed into nonlinear equations to be found, Newton iterative method is an...

Authors: Xiao Xue Ma, Zi Xian Wang, Jing Bian, Fei Liu

Abstract: Draw on the trust relationship of human society, domain model and domain trust are introduced to build domain-based level trust manage model...

Authors: Xun An Ning, Qing Lin Chen, Jian Bo Zhou, Zuo Yi Yang, Jing Yong Liu

Abstract: The bio-drying characteristics and its influencing factors of paper mill sludge (PMS) were investigated detailedly, by means of the heat...

Authors: Shao Ke Chen

Abstract: The paper presents a method of the serial communication codes of the testing interface card by using the serial monitor software and ROBO...


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