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Authors: Fei Lu, Jun Song, Bo Wen Cheng, Hong Jun Zang, Yi Liang
Abstract:The viscosity behaviors and elastic properties of concentrated cellulose 1-allyl-3-methy -limidazolium Chloride solutions were investigated...
Authors: Lei Li, Jian Run Zhang
Abstract:Joint parameters identification is a key problem in the modeling of complex structures. Aimed to solve the joint problem effectively in...
Authors: Min Chao, Kai Chang Kou, Zhi Chao Wang, Guang Lei Wu, Dong Na Zhang, Jiao Qiang Zhang
Abstract:A novel aromatic ether diamine 1,3-bis(4-aminophenoxy)benzene (TPER) was synthesized. Four kinds of polyimides were prepared with obtained...
Authors: Jin Fu Zhang
Abstract:In order to investigate dynamic performance of flexible multi-link manipulators more exactly, establishing the dynamic model with accounting...
Authors: Fei Jiang He, Qiang Zhang, Zong Xi Cai
Abstract:In order to determine the loads acting on the cutterhead of a compound shield, this paper aims at the large-scale and fully coupled system of...
Authors: Yi Lai Ma, Li Lin, Xian Wen Liu
Abstract:The tube-transferring car is a key part of transportation system for deepwater pipe-laying vessels. This paper covers the design of a...
Authors: Rong Chuan Lin, Yin Biao Guo, Yan Ping Li
Abstract:The mechanism and producing condition of instsbility in low velocity of hydraulic clinder was analyzed based on dynamic model and test...
Authors: Pu Woei Chen, Shu Han Chang, Yu Yang Hsieh, Tai Sing Sun
Abstract:In recent years, light sport aircraft, which not only serve the purpose of personal recreation but also act as a means of transportation for...
Authors: De Rong Duan, Song Wang, Fang Zhao, Dong Ning Su
Abstract:The rotor of vertical shaft impact crusher was modeled by SolidWorks and imported into EDEM for dynamic simulation. The average speed,...
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