Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhao Jun Li, Xiao Su Liu, Xu Juan Yang, Tao Mao

Abstract: By the kinematic and dynamic characteristics analysis of hydraulic excavator’s working mechanism system, the system was divided into three...

Authors: Jia Wang, Qing Zhong He, Yong Hu, Ming Chao Wang

Abstract: The new low alloy martensitic wear resistant steel 25Si2MnNi3 and steel 53Si2MnNi3 are developed, which hardness are about HB450 and HB600...

Authors: Li Zu, Lei Zhang, Hua Kun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, air movement states within the cutter deck caused by high-speed rotating blades are studied, impacts on the mowing blade by...

Authors: Rui Hai Ji, Ming De Duan, Cun Xia Li, Xin Liu

Abstract: By the analysis and comparison of LPG motorcycle and LPG automobile, the similarities and differences of them are expounded. Based on the...

Authors: Pu Xing, Jing Yun Zhao, Xiu Jie Yin

Abstract: The inverted umbrella aerator is the key equipment of biological wastewater treatment technology, which have the effects of oxygenation,...

Authors: Cheng Cheng Zhang, Qian Wang, Zhi Xia He, Ping Jiang

Abstract: In order to investigate the influence of combustion chamber geometry on spray and combustion characteristics in diesel engine, universal CFD...

Authors: Qian Wang, Jin Hua Yang, Jin Bai, Jun Jie Chen, Ze Chen

Abstract: Based on the operating characteristics of a micro HCCI (Homogeneous Charge Compress Ignition) free-piston engine, a multidimensional model...

Authors: Ying Hui Liu, Shu Lin Liu, You Fu Tang, Rui Hong Jiang

Abstract: Considering unsteady oil-film force and nonlinear rub-impact force, a dynamic model of crack and rub-impact coupling faults rotor system is...

Authors: Li Ying Yang, Yi Qiu Tan, Hao Liu, Yu Ming Dong

Abstract: Coal gangue is the waste of coal mining. It is discharged and stacked all around the mine and the dust pollution has become a public hazard....

Authors: Jun Sun, Jing Li, Dao Jiang Ou, Yong Xu Li

Abstract: After moving at high-speed & high-acceleration, the stacker column top’s deflection and vibration problem is of increasingly significance...


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