Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chul Su Kim, Gil Hyun Kang, Seung Ho Jang

Abstract: To reduce the cost and the time of transport in Eurasian railroad networks such as TKR(Trans-Korea Railway), TCR(Trans-China Railway) and...

Authors: Teng An Zou, Cun Yun Pan, Xiao Jun Xu, Xiang Zhang

Abstract: In the current pin clamping device of bottle blowing machines, the design datum can’t coincide with mold datum. So it not only needs a...

Authors: Hai Jun Xu, Cun Yun Pan, Qiang Li, Fu Dong Gao

Abstract: Motions of natural creatures appear flexible and rhythmical characteristics. The bionic undulating propeller imitates undulating motion of a...

Authors: Peng Zheng, Le Tang, Zhan Li Jiang

Abstract: A gear’s finite-element model has been set up according to the parameter functions of the involute and tooth root curve, single and double...

Authors: Heng Bin Ren, Mao Lin Huang

Abstract: Epicyclical gear trains with three-degrees of freedom have found its wide application as the development of new technique. Currently, nearly...

Authors: Fang Yan Zheng, Zi Ran Chen, Xi Hou Chen, Chun Dong

Abstract: A novel worm wheel transmission error measurement system based on a new space-time subdivision technology is presented in this paper....

Authors: Chao Yan Wan, Ying Liu, Xiao Feng Li

Abstract: A new method on determining the dead zone of the bottom door mechanism is proposed in the premise of considering the friction. This method...

Authors: Li Jiao Xu, Nan Chen

Abstract: This work develops a dynamics analytical model for an idler gear system of a power turret to analyze its vibration modal frequencies and...

Authors: Yi Cai, Li Zhong Xu

Abstract: The mechanics models of electromechanical integrated toroidal drive in magnetic meshing between stator and planet or between worm and planet...

Authors: Ben Wang, Lin Hua

Abstract: Influence of alignment errors on the meshing of involute spiral bevel gears using FEM is investigated in this paper. 3D geometrical models...


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