Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Yong Liu, Kui Dong Gao, Chang Long Du, Lin Fu

Abstract: To research the change law of the load of the helical cutting mechanism cutting into the rock, the cutting experiment was done basing on the...

Authors: Tao Ren

Abstract: A linkage with dynamic-state balance and small fluctuation load features on its crankshaft would both enhance a motor’s efficiency and load...

Authors: Ke Tao, Xu Li, Xin Yu Zhang

Abstract: According to the actual production of large diameter pipe cutting presents a difficult problem planetary debris-free pipe cutting methods,...

Authors: Yan Ke Cao, Pei Quan Guo, Hao Dong Zhao

Abstract: Construction method of transmission function was presented based on intermittent transmission characteristic of indexing cam mechanism. The...

Authors: Huan Yong Cui, Dong Yang, Xi Jie Tian, Xiu Hua Men

Abstract: Isometric modification, as a new modification method of spur bevel gear was proposed. Based on the gear geometry theory and the normal...

Authors: Ming Han

Abstract: Evaluation method of reliability of industrial products needs to be improved effectively with the advance of science and technology. This...

Authors: Chao Jun Yang, Zhi Jiang Ni, Wu Zheng

Abstract: Auto-control adjustable speed asynchronous magnetic coupling was designed according to principles of electromagnetic induction. Its...

Authors: Ya Bin Cao

Abstract: In order to solve some problems existing in the process of shift for automatic mechanical transmission vehicles such as great shift impact,...

Authors: Hong Wei Cui, Wei Wei, Qing Dong Yan

Abstract: In order to calculate the cooperating characteristic of engine and hydrodynamic torque converter stably and accurately, obtain the best...

Authors: Jia Ning He, Wei Zhang, Hai Bin Zhang, Wu Xing Ma, Si Chen, Qiang Li, Yong Gao

Abstract: In textbooks of mechanical engineering, rack has been mistakenly regarded as rack cutter so that minimum teeth without undercutting have...


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