Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Yue Ma, Xiang Yang Xu

Abstract: As well known, graph theory is a powerful tool for mechanism design. The enumeration of planet gear trains can be converted the synthesis of...

Authors: Yuan Tao Liu, Jin Zhi Zhao

Abstract: Elastohydrodynamic lubrication theory is adopted in rolling bearing type planetary friction transmission mechanism in this paper. Operation...

Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Yu De Liu, Jiang Nan Zeng, Wen Long Zhang

Abstract: A wood-based Ni-P coating electromagnetic shielding material was prepared in an ytterbium oxide-added electroless plating bath. The kinetic...

Authors: Wei Dong He, Qi Lu

Abstract: This paper introduces a pin-cycloid planetary gearing reducer in two teeth difference applied in propeller pitch variator. To be considered,...

Authors: Yue Hua Sun, Hong Tao Li, Chun Sheng Liu

Abstract: This article use Automation Studio simulation software to make analysis on rib tube welding machine hydraulic system.Briefly introduces the...

Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Jiang Nan Zeng, Yu De Liu, Xiao Hong Liu

Abstract: Lanthanide oxide was added into the common Watt bath to make a thick nickel on the Ni-P-B coating on the quartz optical fiber surface by...

Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Jiang Nan Zhang, Yu De Liu, Jian Guo Zou

Abstract: The osmosis pressure was introduced to improve the conventional electroless plating process for preparing porous ceramic supported Pd/Ag...

Authors: Long Chang Hsieh, Tzu Hsia Chen

Abstract: The bicycle is invented so far more than 200 years. Now, bicycles are used as exercising equipments and traffic vehicles. Planetary gear...

Authors: Rui Yin Song, Xian Cheng Wang, Mei Qin Zhang

Abstract: A new type of reducer based on traveling wave driver principle was put forward. The initial structure of the reducer was designed and the...

Authors: Kun Lun Zhang, Bo Guo, Ping Jiang

Abstract: The definition of process system reliability was provided. The study focused on the process reliability model with the quality parameter as...


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