Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials

Volumes 211-212

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ju Bao Qu

Abstract: Moving target tracking is widely used in various fields, but adaptive tracking algorithm is not ideal. Proposed a multi-mode adaptive...

Authors: Li Xin Yin, Yan Jing, Guo Wen Li

Abstract: Engineering education has been a worldwide hot topic currently. Reform of engineering education call for a new model of cultivating talents....

Authors: Xiao Dong Tan, Xin Liu, Chen Bao Liu, Ke De Zheng

Abstract: Using the Fuzzy PID’s control method into the servo control system and the PID parameters can be adjusted real-time according to the...

Authors: Sheng Hai Hu, Kun Xiu Deng, Wei Fu, Lin Li

Abstract: The paper is focused on a double-joint hopping leg driven by motors. Using relative coordinates, its kinematics and dynamics between the...

Authors: Yun Xu Shi

Abstract: In this paper, the constitution of an exhausted-air reclaiming system for pneumatic cylinders is studied. The effect of the system on the...

Authors: Chang He Li, Ling Yun Qi, Lin Gang Li, Yu Cheng Ding

Abstract: This study was focused on the theoretical analysis and experimental investigations about the frictional wear of nanometric zirconia dental...

Authors: Ya Li Hou, Chang He Li, Li Li Wang, Yu Cheng Ding

Abstract: This study was focused on the testing and assessment of the mechanical properties of nanometric zirconia dental ceramics. The density and...

Authors: Ju Dong Liu, Jie Zhen Zhuang, Song Wei Huang

Abstract: On the basis of the surface grind-hardening experiment, the influence of grinding pass on the microstructure and its uniformity of the...

Authors: En Lai Zheng, Fang Jia, Zhi Sheng Zhang, Jin Fei Shi

Abstract: With its variable stiffness, capability to provide friction damping by itself, and space-based adaptive performance, the disc spring, by...


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