Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials

Volumes 211-212

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Na Suo, Xiang Yang Sun, Su Yan Li

Abstract: The primary component of soilless rooting media for ornamental plant production is peat. However, quality peat is costly and is a...

Authors: Xin Tian Liu, Yan Song Wang, Li Hui Zhao, Hu Huang, Hui Guo

Abstract: Rear multi-link suspension is built according to hard point parameters of a car. After the inner rubber bushing stiffness of the lateral rod...

Authors: Yun Na Wu, Jiang Shuai Li, Jia Li Wang

Abstract: With the continuous development of energy projects and the actual needs of the project, project portfolio management technique is known by...

Authors: Yu Rong Zhang

Abstract: In modern society, informationization is becoming more for the lasting development of tourism. The design and application of Tourism...

Authors: Yun Na Wu, Jia Li Wang, Jiang Shuai Li

Abstract: As increasingly complex of the energy project management, traditional project management system is not very suitable for energy projects...

Authors: Wen Da Deng

Abstract: Tiny OS Beaconing routing protocol is widely used in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), but it can easily cause the network to fail because some...

Authors: Hong Chao Cui, De Cai Li, Jian Ling Li

Abstract: In this paper, we briefly introduce the concept, composition and the research frontiers of nano-fluorocarbon-based magnetic fluids; then...

Authors: Xian Zhao Jia, Tian Yu Luo, Feng Lv, Hong Bin Liu

Abstract: The representation method of rolling bearings knowledge and general structure of knowledge base system are put forward by researching on the...

Authors: Ping Huo, Jian Ping Wang, Qiu Yan Sun

Abstract: Considering the structure feature and working principle of Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder engine, mathematical model of kinematics...

Authors: Jin Long Ni, An Ding Zhu

Abstract: In order to measure the terminal voltage of a lead-acid battery online, a DC-to-DC converter – MC34063 is used to convert the D.C. input...


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