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Authors: Ning Zhang, Rong Hua Liu
Abstract: An expert control system based on transient response patterns and expert system techniques is proposed in this paper. Depending on the features of the closed-loop control system determines the control decision and adjusts the parameters of the controller. The proposed method requires minimal proper information about the controlled plant and, with the linear re-excitation learning method, the system is kept satisfying the performance criterion.
Authors: Ming Peng Gao, Ying Xu
Abstract: Structured and unstructured p2p topology model both have their own advantages and disadvantages. According to this issue, hierarchical and hybrid topology p2p mode based on chord protocol and interest subnet is proposed and established, whose upper layer makes use of bilateral search on chord loop and lower layer builds interest subnet where register node records search requests and results and stores popular resource table. It is also important to maintain model. The secondary distribution and networking strategy about new node help it join in interest subnet quickly. And the way of backing up register node and super node make the system’s robustness strong. It is showed by performance evaluation that this model can reduce query delay and improve the efficiency of resource location to some extend.
Authors: Jin Xing Shen, Chang Jiang Zheng
Abstract: Central business district (CBD) is the crucial area in modern metropolitan areas. In this study, an evaluation system is proposed to help transportation professionals determine the reasonable scale of road network in CBD. The evaluation system consists of two parts, including a indicator system and a selection system. The indicator system is based on the measurement of several parameters such as the regional road traffic capacity, smoothness of regional road network, unit road load, and regional road network structure, etc. The selection system uses the maximum entropy with the results of the indicator system to select the reasonable road network scale. A case study is also conducted to apply the whole evaluation system to Huaqiao central business district. The research results show that the evaluation system developed in this study can be used as a useful guidance for determining a reasonable road network scale for the city central business district in metropolitan areas in China.
Authors: Li Li, Kun Ling Wang
Abstract: Web-based autonomous learning environment is the circumstances and conditions in the process of learning activities with the introduction of the network factors, its basic elements not only include the support of courses contents, instructional strategies, teaching mode and resources, but also cover instruction design, management, evaluation and other areas. The e-Portfolio (Electronic Learning Portfolio) is a collection of the learner’s experiences and achievements during a period of educational activity, which has advantages in dynamic tracking, recording, collection, evaluation ,management and other aspects, the interposition of E-Portfolio provides new thought of the construction of web-based Autonomous Learning Environment. In this article, on the base of studying web-based autonomous learning and E-Portfolio, the author mainly discussed the construction of e-Portfolio based autonomous learning environment in E-learning.
Authors: Qing Zhen Sun, Rui Li, Ya Li Ma, Zhong Bin Ren
Abstract: In view of existing usability problems in user interface of multimedia electronic atlas, it applied the usability theory in the user interface design. In this paper, it introduced the usability theory and its application in electronic map field. Then, it analyzed the factors which influenced the interface design of multimedia electronic atlas. Then it designed an experiment to evaluate the usability of multimedia electronic atlas. In the experiment, it found and analyzed the usability problems of the interface. At last, it gave the principles of designing the layout, the colorway, and the tools’ icon of the interface. The result of research provides a theoretic basis for user interface design of multimedia electronic atlas.
Authors: Zhong Sheng Wang, Bin Chen
Abstract: The sudden failure is a transient failure. Its occurrence time is short and it is very difficult to prevent. In order to prevent the sudden failure on aircraft, a monitoring project is presented. It is based on the mechanism analysis of aircraft sudden failure and the evolvement parameters of sudden failure are used Simulation monitoring system is designed by an example of engine surge at the same time. Results shown that this method can effective prevent occurrence of sudden failure by adjustment of the evolvement parameters on aircraft sudden failure.
Authors: Sheng Li Chen
Abstract: We formulate respectively the outsourcing service competition models with simultaneous and sequential decision order and analyze the suppliers’ contest equilibrium in outsourcing service competition by applying dynamic game theory and contest theory. Then we explore the effect of sequential decision order on competition equilibrium. It is showed that the sequential decision order not only influences the equilibrium service level of the suppliers, but also has an effect on both total equilibrium service level of the supplier and the average equilibrium service level acquired by the purchaser.
Authors: Kun Shang, Huan Ding
Abstract: Real-Time operating systems not only request the logical correctness, but also request the correct computing results in a set time and the instant response to the real-time tasks. Therefore scheduling algorithms of real-time operating systems become an important measure to determine the real-time capability of a system. In this paper, we discuss the dynamic priority scheduling algorithm –Priority Inheritance Scheduling Algorithm. Then we analyze the algorithm from two aspects: description and schedulability.

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