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Authors: Chia Chia Lin, Dong Her Shih
Abstract: It is proved by many studies that it is more costly to acquire than to retain customers. Consequently, evaluating current customers to keep high value customers and enhance their lifetime value becomes a critical factor to decide the success or failure of a business. This study applies data from customer and transaction databases of a department store, based on RFM model to do clustering analysis to recognize high value customer groups for cross-selling promotions.
Authors: Feng Liu, Jian Yu Bai, Lin Jun Sun
Abstract: In this paper, a novel robust grayscale watermarking algorithm based on Two-Levels DCT and SVD is proposed. The watermark signal is (32× 32 × 8) bit gray image. First, the original image is divided into blocks according to the size of the watermark; each block corresponds to each pixel value of watermark. Second, the DCT is applied in each block twice and form new blocks. Then, Get the largest value of each new block to form a new matrix .Apply SVD on the new matrix to get matrices U, S and V for each block. The pixel value of watermark is embedded into the S matrix of the new matrix. And the watermark can be detected with the original image. The experimental results show that the algorithm can satisfy the transparence and robustness of the watermarking system very well. Experimental evaluation demonstrates that the proposed scheme is able to withstand a variety of attacks very well.
Authors: Jian Xiong Xie, Zhe An Lu
Abstract: The aggregate gradation and mechanical property of particle reinforced composite (resin and quartz sand composite ) were studied with test, the results show that: The more optimal scheme of aggregate gradation can be obtained with right ratio of larger particle quartz sand and small particle quartz plate , which can make the gradation resin content from the original 20% ~ 25% reduced to 12% ~ 14%, so as to reduce the cost and improve the economic benefit and guarantee bending strength of winding layer not decrease in the meantime
Authors: Ying Fu, Yi Feng Zhang
Abstract: Organic modifier (PSFD) of poly-silicic-ferric (PSF) coagulant was prepared by adding dimethyldiallylammonium chloride (DMDAAC) as additives in PSF. The size distribution of PSFD using Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS) method was characterized, in comparison with that of PSF. The results show that the increasing of PSFD product’s size was far larger than that of PSF at lower level. The size of PSFD hydrolysis products tended to change continuously and small size of materials disappeared after its hydrolysis, while the size of PSF particles had very uneven distribution and there always existed small size of hydrolysis products. The disappearance of size change against level between PSFD and PSF gives PSFD a higher bridging ability than PSF in real wastewater treatment process.
Authors: Jing Bing Yang, Hui Ding, Shu Dong Zhang
Abstract: This paper proposes an image weak-edge detection method based on the combination of edge features and BP neural networks. Through analyzing the basic characteristics of the image edge points, we construct 8 groups 3-D feature vectors as the training sample set, combining with the learning function based on gradient descent momentum and the Levenberg-Marquardt training function, to train the BP neural network, further complete the image edge detection. Finally, compared with the traditional edge detection methods, the experimental results show that this method can detect the weak-edge and corner-edge much better.
Authors: Shu Lin Tang, An Nan Jiang, Hui Zhao
Abstract: Aiming at the problems of conventional underground engineering feedback analysis methods, such as being limited in local optimization and computing data being very complex, the paper introduced difference evolution arithmetic and visualization toolkit, and combined three dimensional numerical simulation and orthogonal design, developing the intelligent feedback analysis system based on Visual c#. The system theory, software frame and develop method are introduced, the system could be used to calculate and evaluate the state of tunnel surrounding rock based on in-situ monitoring data. The system is applied in an actual tunnel engineering, the analysis results are satisfied, which states it is feasible and has good potential application.
Authors: Jun Hai Ma, Xin Jian Dong
Abstract: Selecting the main indicators of national economic development, using cluster analysis to evaluate 17 cites in Shandong Province with the perspective of economic development and dividing them into 4 similar city groups. Using super-efficiency DEA model to evaluate economic develop efficiency of the cities in different city groups. In this paper, we propose that new product promotion should be gradually covered from cities of higher efficiency to the lower ones in the city groups. The result of the study is to provide decision-making basis for developing specific strategies of product promotion.
Authors: Ye Xu, Zhuo Wang
Abstract: Measuring complex Internet topology is primary research activities in Internet-related research fields and has become a focus recently. And due to the complexity of Internet topology, further processing is required and is thoroughly studied in this paper. First, Internet topology measurement is performed by CAIDA measurement approach with more than twenty monitors. Then the problem of sampling bias is quantitatively studied. Mathematical models are introduced into both the node bias problem and link bias problem, and final option is gained. Final results are that more than 156 CAIDA monitors are necessary in order to have a full Internet topology measurement result.
Authors: Ye Xu, Zhuo Wang
Abstract: Hydroturbine temperature fault diagnosis in hydro-electrical simulation system (HESS) through a way of fuzzy logic is studied in this paper. Failure reasons of temperature-related subsystems of hydroturbine are firstly discussed, and fault diagnosis principles, thereby, are determined. Fuzzy logic, including membership function, fuzzy matrix and so on, are then studied and used in the fault diagnosis process. Finally, the fuzzy logic fault diagnosis is testified by examples and experiments to be acceptable in efficiency and accuracy.

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