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Authors: Li Li, Ji Li, Bao Jia Chen
Abstract:Aimed at the complexity of engine vibration, the paper proposed a combination method of wavelet packet and support vector machine for engine...
Authors: Jun Yan Xu, Jian Rong Bu
Abstract:To effectively solve the problems of high energy consumption, low control accuracy and time control-delay for furnace, this paper proposes...
Authors: Chun Huy Wang
Abstract:Extending the investigations on (Na0.5K0.5)NbO3-based solid solution for lead-free piezoelectric ceramics,...
Authors: Ge Ning Xu, Yu Peng Xin, Feng Yi Lu
Abstract:Aiming at security problem of metal structure of overhead traveling crane, the accident tree is established based on Accident Tree Analysis...
Authors: Hai Bao Lu, Jin Ying Yin, Jiu Si Jia
Abstract:Thermo-responsive shape-memory polymer (SMP) has been experimentally demonstrated that shape recovery can be induced by plasticizing solvent....
Authors: Yong Song Zhan, Wen Zhao Liu
Abstract:To achieve photorealistic special effect for the industry of virtual reality, this paper proposed a real-time smoke simulation technique...
Authors: Yu Wang, Xiang Zhao, Neng Luo, Lin Wang
Abstract:According to the practical situation (loaded by the second time), nine pieces of prestressed concrete hollow slabs which had been reinforced...
Authors: Sai Nan Liu
Abstract:In order to improve the efficiency of automated warehouse system, the integrated scheduling problem was studied on the basis of a typical...
Authors: Li Na Wang
Abstract:In this paper, we investigated timeslot allocation scheme in medium access control protocol for cognitive satellite networks. The timeslots...
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