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Authors: Yu Lai Han, Bai Tao Sun, Zhu Ju, Yong Gang Wang
Abstract:This paper addresses the stability behaviour in-plane and the critical load of the double-hinged circular steel arch when subjected to...
Authors: Dong Hui Cheng, Wei Rong, Jia Yuan
Abstract:In order to optimize the design of foundation pit support in specific areas of soil conditions, the equivalent angle of internal friction was...
Authors: Zhe Li, Shao Ji Chen, Jing Xu, Ye Ni Wang, Cui Ping Zhang
Abstract:Compared with reinforced concrete shaped columns, bearing capacity and ductility of steel reinforced concrete shaped columns are...
Authors: Shan Suo Zheng, Zhi Qiang Li, Yi Hu, Qing Lin Tao, Wei Wang
Abstract:The primary goal of failure modes-based optimization design which is to study the performance of structure without shocking absorption device...
Authors: Zhen Hua Zeng
Abstract:Southern surveying and mapping instruments company CASS terrain, cadastral mapping software is based on AutoCAD platform technology of...
Authors: Xiu Fang Zhang, Shi Lang Xu
Abstract:The full replacement of plain concrete with ultra-high toughness cementitious composite (UHTCC) in structural members can obtain the...
Authors: Li Zhang, Min Quan Feng, Xiao Bin Zhang
Abstract:Wall slip of sweage sludge and affect slip possible factors were studied experimentally by using a rotational rheometer with parallel plate...
Authors: Wen Bo Sun, Yi Qun Luo, Wei Huang
Abstract:Concrete casting effect and the hooping effect of concrete filled tubular members is considered in the study of this paper. Firstly, standard...
Authors: Ya Feng Xu, Peng Ju Sun, Li Zhang
Abstract:According to the existed theory foundation, the authors made a simulated analysis on mechanical properties of a connection between steel...
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