Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Hui Zhao, Jin Li

Abstract: This article is probed into on the issue that the influence of border concealed column toward shear wall stiffness. Charge example indicates...

Authors: Yu Zhang

Abstract: The stiffened plate with rids was considered as a whole structure. Using energy method the stability of stiffened plates with rids under the...

Authors: Yu Zhang

Abstract: The generalized differential-matrix equations of transverse vibration of the beams were set up and they were solved by means of Cauchy...

Authors: Qiang Sun, Qiu Yi Lin

Abstract: We discussed the problems of dynamic stability of cuneiform pile under vertical dynamic load, and studied the influence of parameters...

Authors: Rui Tao Zhu

Abstract: Utilizing general finite element software ANSYS, the finite element computing model of the steel spatial tubular joint is built, which is...

Authors: Yan Wang, Zhong Min Wang

Abstract: The stability of the cracked visoelastic rectangular plate of varying thickness subjected to uniformly distributed tangential follower force...

Authors: Fu Min Li, Xiao Fei Shi, Fu Ping Jia

Abstract: To study the influence of steel strands corrosion on the bond behavior for anchoring of pre-tensioned prestressed concrete beams, nine...

Authors: Peng Ju Cui, Da Feng Gao

Abstract: The vertical distance is generally greater of long-span cable-stayed bridge, while the velocity of seismic wave propagation is certain,...

Authors: Hu Qi, Yun Gui Li, Xi Lin Lu

Abstract: In this paper, an elastic plastic damage model is presented based on the combined use of elastic plastic constitutive equations along with...

Authors: Lian Cheng Dong, Guang Ying Li, Xia Xin Tao, Da Gang Lu, Juan Liu, Xin Fu Hu

Abstract: Microtremors was developed to inverse S-wave velocity structure of sites because it costs little and easy to monitor, can be performed at...


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