Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tie Cheng Wang, Xuan Chen

Abstract: Making use of the numerical analysis method, the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete column with Z-shaped cross-section subjected to...

Authors: Quan Li Bao, Hai Liang Wang, Xin Lei Yang, Peng Dong, Quan Chang Ren

Abstract: A full-scale experiment on two kinds of rectangular CFST column and H-section steel beam diaphragm through connections which under low...

Authors: Jun Wu Xia, Xiao Wei Liu, Fa Ming Wen, Jun Hui Xiong

Abstract: Structural additional force and deformation of a single-level, single span steel frame with cantilever beam spliced joints under the...

Authors: De Jian Yang, Sai Lan Mao

Abstract: The paper analyses the damages of the frame structure with bottom weak layer considering of Wenchuan earthquake. The analysis result...

Authors: Dong Ming Yan, Wei Xu

Abstract: Knowledge about the dynamic properties of concrete is vital to the design and safety evaluation of large-scale concrete structures subjected...

Authors: Jian Qing Jiang

Abstract: Combined with the pile foundation engineering of a super-large highway bridge, vertical static loading test of pile with expanded diameter...

Authors: Yu Ji Chen, Qi Zhi Luo

Abstract: By mean of potential energy various principles,the governing differential equations of the steel and concrete composite girder in...

Authors: De Yun Ma, Yong Zhi Zuo, Hai Wen Teng, Da Huo

Abstract: Based on the analysis for damages of masonry structure from Wenchuan earthquake, the seismic behavior of multi-story masonry school building...

Authors: Xu Feng Mi, Dong Qin Li

Abstract: In the paper, the protective equipments of the bridges were studied. The new type of protective devices, which was the rectangular column...

Authors: Xiao Bin Liu, Guo Ping Chen, Ying Yang

Abstract: Previous great earthquakes have performed serious structural damages to masonry structure, which also have caused great casualties and...


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