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Authors: Ahmad Askari, Mohammad Reza Sohrabi, Yousef Rahmani
Abstract:In the present study, mechanical properties of self compacting concrete containing fly ash and silica fume as cement replacements are...
Authors: Shu Shan Li, Ming Xiao Jia, Dan Ying Gao
Abstract:The basic mechanical properties of fly ash fiber concrete were tested. The influences to the compressive strength, splitting tensile strength...
Authors: Ke Qing Li, De Ping Chen, Shi Li Zhang, Bao Shun Liu
Abstract:Aimed at improving the waterproofing property of foamed concrete, a heat-insulating and waterproofing composite applied in underground...
Authors: Da Xing Qian, Ying Wei Yun, Ii Young Jang, Jong Hoe Kim
Abstract:Recently reutilization of waste concrete becomes one of the hottest issues in civil engineering field throughout the world. However, most of...
Authors: Zi Zhen Liu, Bin Xiao, Yan Liu, Xiao Long Li
Abstract:Through the experiments of recycling bricks from building waste, the paper studies the mechanical properties and the influence factors of...
Authors: Jin Hong Xia, Da Wei Yuan
Abstract:Boron mud has problems of disposal and health hazards when discharged directly to the environment, so the problem of boron mud needs to be...
Authors: Sina Kazemian, Arun Prasad, Vahed Ghiasi, Bujang Bin Kim Huat
Abstract:Peats are geotechnically problematic soil due to their high compressibility and low shear strength. Cement is widely used for the...
Authors: Yi Bo Xiong, Lu Peng, Jin Xu, Liang Ma
Abstract:Based on an extensive experimental program under uniaxial and triaxial compression, this paper studies the mechanical behavior of two types...
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