Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Song Xie, Yue Zhai Zheng, Fang Tian

Abstract: Based on the Compressive strength, workability and raw material consumption of concrete, a mathematical model is established for mix...

Authors: Tao Ji, Bao Chun Chen, Yi Zhou Zhuang, Feng Li, Zhi Bin Huang, Yong Ning Liang

Abstract: After modification, Toufar model was used to calculate the packing degrees of sand mixtures with different particle sizes. For four...

Authors: Jun Lin Tao, Li Bo Qin, Kui Li, Bin Jia

Abstract: Using micro-wave heating method, the previous disadvantages of heating slowly and non-uniform are broken through. And plain concrete high...

Authors: Fang Tian, Wei Xin Hu, He Ming Cheng, Ya Li Sun

Abstract: This paper addresses the efficiency of using recycled concrete as an aggregate by systematically presenting results on the influence of fly...

Authors: Xiang Rong Cai, Bai Quan Fu, Shi Lang Xu

Abstract: A new class of high performance fiber reinforced cementitious composites called Ultra High Toughness Cementitious Composites (UHTCC) is...

Authors: Huai Liang Wang, Jun Yu Yuan

Abstract: Study on the dynamic behavior of concrete is important, for the sake of seismic design and safety evaluation of mass concrete structures,...

Authors: Zhao Hui Lu, Zhi Wu Yu, Yan Gang Zhao

Abstract: The paper discusses the modulus of elasticity of plain concrete for a wide range of compressive strength. A large volume of selected...

Authors: Jia Wei Yao, Shi Yong Sun, Hao Ran Chen

Abstract: Combined with Jones-Nelson-Morgan model applied to ceramics and graphite successfully, the nonlinear constitutive model of concrete is...

Authors: Ning Zhang, Ai Zhong Lu, Pan Cui, Yun Qian Xu

Abstract: Functionally Graded Material (FGM), as a new concept in material fields, has been a research hotspot in recent years, the application of...

Authors: Qing Xia Sun, Wan Zhi Cao, Hai Ru Xue, Qiang Su

Abstract: This paper researched the high temperature properties of ceramic concrete though experimental. Test and analysis on the microstructure...


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