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Authors: Ting Zhang, Ming He, Tao Chen, Guang Chang Wang
Abstract: First principle calculations are performed on the structure, energy band gap, and dielectric properties of wurtzite and hexagonal BN by using a plane-wave pseudopotential method. It is found that h-BN has much narrower VB (valence band ) width and much sharper band edge than those of w-BN. And the N 2s states of the two phases of BN are dominant below 30.03 eV and the N 2p states are dominant in the range between −20.62 and 20.32 eV.
Authors: Yi Zhou, Wei Zhong
Abstract: Boiler is one of the key industrial equipment in the field of modern manufacture. Rule-base reasoning (RBR) and case-base reasoning (CBR) are first applied to the boiler conceptual design. The RBR is adopted to perform like a “sieve” for the acquisition of the candidate structure modules. Then the CBR process is adopted for the structure module modification and case retain. The case retain process gives the system self-enrich function which will improve the design ability of the system with the continuous use of the system.
Authors: Jun Yan Chen
Abstract: This paper presents a hybrid-clustering algorithm that is a stochastic disturbance of particle swarm optimization (PSO) for K-means clustering method (SDPSO-K). The proposed algorithm can improve the particle global searching ability in PSO to avoid the K-means disadvantage of being easily trapped in a local optimal solution and to save the expensive computational cost of PSO clustering. The performance of the SDPSO-K, compared with three recently developed modified PSO techniques and related clustering algorithms for six datasets, indicates that the SDPSO-K algorithm is clearly and consistently superior in terms of precision and robustness.
Authors: Kai Sheng Zhang, Jiao She
Abstract: Analysis of low-sugar preserved Kiwifruit processing status and the key factors of quality control, based on the comparative study of different control methods, fuzzy control technique is applied to the quality control of low-sugar preserved Kiwifruit with using the embedded microcontroller processor to design the system controlling hardware, and the system software flowchart. The control studies of the end product quality of the low-sugar preserved Kiwifruit can provide the technical basis and process control method for low-sugar food-preserved fruit production process , so the corresponding products satisfy the people's low-sugar and low-calorie requirements.
Authors: Kai Sheng Zhang, Bai Quan Liu, Lin Qi
Abstract: Introduced a kind of device controlling function switches of induction cooker, which is suitable for hot pot heating situation, using wireless control which belongs to the induction technology. A wireless transmitter sends the control signal wirelessly and the built-in wireless receiver receives the signal, which conveniently and practically avoids the operation depending on touch with feeling or lifting the tablecloth off to speak directly to the induction cooker. At the same time, the wireless transmitter is fixed by a dedicated lock onto the pot ear, facilitating not only the operation of the user, but also the removal when cleaning.
Authors: Ming Liang Wu, Jian Kang Huang, Ri Hong Han, Yu Shi
Abstract: DE-GMAW (Double-Electrode Gas Metal Arc Welding) is a new welding technology. It is possible to change the melting current while the base metal current still be controlled at a desired level because the changed part of the melting current would be bypassed without flowing through the workpiece. So the heat input of base metal can be controlled accurately in DE-GMAW, and this welding method is suitable for dissimilar metal welding which has strict requirements for heat input of base metal, such as joining of steel and aluminum. On the basis of heat source model of DE-GMAW, numerical simulation and analysis on temperature field and residual stress for DE-GMAW in bonding steel and aluminum were done. The results show that residual stress after welding changed sharply from close 0 MPa to about 130 MPa at the interface of aluminum and steel. This value is greater than the binding force of steel, aluminum interface.
Authors: Xue Hua Song, Min Lu, Yin Nan Yuan, Hong Wang, Yu Hua Zhang
Abstract: The car can meet the high demand of the security and stability of the system by using FlexRay bus, while it also can implement optimization of the cost. The paper introduces a system of nodes’ communication based on FlexRay technology, and the system constructed two nodes which are composed of main processors, communication controllers and bus transceivers. The paper implements the transmission of data between main processors and communication controllers by EBI (external bus interface). It is succeed in implementing the communication process of receiving data and sending data among different nodes. The results show that the data completely correct while the data rate is 10Mbps. Therefore, it verifies the reliability and real-time communication of FlexRay. And it also means that the designed node will play a significant role in X-By-Wire.
Authors: Jin Qin, Ling Lin Ni, Xiao Bo Zhao
Abstract: In the logistics network design, the decision-maker should not only select proper places to save commodities, but also determine the quantity of commodities saving in each place. This paper assumed the demands are stochastic and satisfy a normal distribution, and proposed a new optimization model which simultaneously described the inventory decision and the facility location decision. A combined algorithm based on the simulated annealing algorithm is used to solve and analysis the numerical example. Numerical application denotes the model and the algorithm operate rapidly and the results are rational, so it provides scientific guidance for the multi-commodity logistics network design problem.
Authors: Wen Hui Mo
Abstract: Production errors, material properties and applied loads of the gear are stochastic .Considering the influence of these stochastic factors, reliability of gear is studied. The sensitivity analysis of random variable can reduce the number of random variables. Simulating random variables, a lot of samples are generated. Using the Monte Carlo simulation based on the sensitivity analysis, reliabilities of contacting fatigue strength and bending fatigue strength can be obtained. The Monte Carlo simulation approaches the accurate solution gradually with the increase of the number of simulations. The numerical example validates the proposed method.

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