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Authors: Ting Zhang, Ming He, Tao Chen, Guang Chang Wang
Abstract:First principle calculations are performed on the structure, energy band gap, and dielectric properties of wurtzite and hexagonal BN by using...
Authors: Yi Zhou, Wei Zhong
Abstract:Boiler is one of the key industrial equipment in the field of modern manufacture. Rule-base reasoning (RBR) and case-base reasoning (CBR) are...
Authors: Jun Yan Chen
Abstract:This paper presents a hybrid-clustering algorithm that is a stochastic disturbance of particle swarm optimization (PSO) for K-means...
Authors: Kai Sheng Zhang, Jiao She
Abstract:Analysis of low-sugar preserved Kiwifruit processing status and the key factors of quality control, based on the comparative study of...
Authors: Kai Sheng Zhang, Bai Quan Liu, Lin Qi
Abstract:Introduced a kind of device controlling function switches of induction cooker, which is suitable for hot pot heating situation, using...
Authors: Ming Liang Wu, Jian Kang Huang, Ri Hong Han, Yu Shi
Abstract:DE-GMAW (Double-Electrode Gas Metal Arc Welding) is a new welding technology. It is possible to change the melting current while the base...
Authors: Xue Hua Song, Min Lu, Yin Nan Yuan, Hong Wang, Yu Hua Zhang
Abstract:The car can meet the high demand of the security and stability of the system by using FlexRay bus, while it also can implement optimization...
Authors: Jin Qin, Ling Lin Ni, Xiao Bo Zhao
Abstract:In the logistics network design, the decision-maker should not only select proper places to save commodities, but also determine the quantity...
Authors: Wen Hui Mo
Abstract:Production errors, material properties and applied loads of the gear are stochastic .Considering the influence of these stochastic factors,...
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