Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Xu, Xiang Dong Xue, Zhi Qiang Yao, Long Wang, De Ji Wang, Feng Zhu, Lian Feng Huo

Abstract: Temperature plot is crucially important for numerical simulation of high waxy crude pipeline because of its non-Newtonian behavior at low...

Authors: Fei Liu, Jun Yi Chen, Hong Yan Wang

Abstract: Through full factor analysis of the stiffness of the components which have potential influence on vehicle front impacts, through sensitivity...

Authors: Xue Song Yin, Qi Huang, Liang Ming Li

Abstract: This paper presents a metric-based semi-supervised fuzzy c-means algorithm called MSFCM. Through using side information and unlabeled data...

Authors: Hui Liu, Wen Zhong Chen, Ben Wen Li

Abstract: Simplification of the detail reaction mechanism is critical to the numerical simulation of BFG (Blast Furnace Gas) combustion. The software...

Authors: Hui Liu, Wen Zhong Chen

Abstract: This paper studied at recycling and using of metallic tailings on the refractory used in aluminum-smelting furnace. The masonry arts and...

Authors: Zhi Min Wu, Chun Yang Kong, Peng Yu

Abstract: The melting and freezing with two different cooling rates of AgN (N= 140, 360, 532, 784, and 952) nanoclusters are...

Authors: Wei Qi Chen, Yong Ding, Jian Ke Zhang, Zhi Kun Yao, Li Ping Zhou

Abstract: High temperature in fire have serious influences on the structural behavior of reinforced concrete structure, and causes damage in...

Authors: Guo Sheng Wang, Kang Jun Wang, Jia Hou, Hong Yan Sun, Ying Ming Wang

Abstract: Magnesium borate hydroxide (MgBO2(OH) ) were synthesized using magnesium nitrate hexahydrate(MgNO3.6H2O)...

Authors: Bao Cheng Zhang, Peng Fei Zhao, Peng Li

Abstract: Using the method of the parameter study, some important dimensions of the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine are analyzed. Under...

Authors: Bao Cheng Zhang, Peng Fei Zhao, Bao Ji Li

Abstract: According to the analysis of acoustic signals and vibration signals measurement, an investigation of the noise source identification in a...


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