Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Jun Wei

Abstract: The friction and abrasion of the cylinder and piston ring of the vehicle diesel has been carried on experimentation research using oil...

Authors: Shi Fen Jiang, Gui Xiong Liu

Abstract: Aiming at Temperature and Humidity Control for the Weaving Workshop, a Remote Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System Based on Wireless...

Authors: Guo Lin Jing, Wen Ting Du, Xiang Chen, Huan Yi

Abstract: Fuzzy system is known to predict model in the electrodialysis process. This paper aimed to predict separation percent(SP) of NaCl solution...

Authors: Guo Lin Jing, Wen Ting Du, Quan Zhou, Song Tao Li

Abstract: Fuzzy system is known to predict model in the electrodialysis process. This paper aimed to study fitting effect by ANFIS in a laboratory...

Authors: Sheng Xian Cao, Da Yong Hao, Jia Ou, Yan Hui Zhang, Jia Wei Sun, Shan Rang Yang, Zhi Ming Xu

Abstract: The study of calcium carbonate adsorption is important significance to understand the fouling mechanism that is a major component of heat...

Authors: Ming Bo Wang, Rui He Wang, Xian Yong Liu

Abstract: A Realizable k-ε turbulence model in conjunction with a standard wall function has been applied to the prediction of a fully-developed...

Authors: Jiang Wu, Jin Hong Zhang, Shuai Zheng, Yan Yan Zhang, Wei Guo Pan, Jian Xing Ren, Song Chen, Kai Ding, Tai Zhang

Abstract: The mercury concentration in the coals from Datong and Xiaoyi, Shanxi has been measured to study the relationship between mercury enrichment...

Authors: Wen Song Lin, C. H. Wen, Liang He

Abstract: Mn, Fe doped ZnO powders (Zn0.95-xMnxFe0.05O2, x≤0.05) were synthesized by an ameliorated...

Authors: Si Ji Qin

Abstract: In basic sheet metal forming process such as cylindrical deep drawing, bulging, hole flanging (or reaming), etc., deformations in-plane can...

Authors: Yu Lan Zhou, Li Li, Yong Jun Ma, Yong Chao Wu

Abstract: Multi-function self-help climbing stair wheelchair, which based on transforming the traditional wheelchair, achieves the function of...


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