Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chen Guo, Cun Bing Gui, Zhong Ren Chen

Abstract: This paper researches control problem for active power filters with three-level NPC inverter and proposes a novel PI control algorithm for...

Authors: Chen Guo, Cun Bing Gui, Jian Huang

Abstract: This paper proposes a blend control scheme of APF based on harmonic voltage to solve the problem that load current detection APF cannot...

Authors: Wang Lan Tian, Hong Yan Lei

Abstract: In this paper, a reasoning model is proposed for energy efficiency task allocation in wireless sensor network. The presented energy...

Authors: Ming Hu

Abstract: In this paper, it is aimed at the agricultural soil after harvest in WeiNan and its surrounding countries, researching the importance of the...

Authors: Ming Hu

Abstract: According to some statistical surveys and data about the land from the year 1984 to 2004, here’s an analysis on where the financial...

Authors: Ling Tao, Wei Long, Yan Qing Wang

Abstract: The design and implementation of the control system of an ARM9-based biochemical analyzer was introduced in detail. The S3C2440, an...

Authors: Ya Ting Deng, Wei Long, Shao Jie Sun

Abstract: The advanced implicit generalized predictive self-tuning control algorithm was used against those characteristics of the outlet’s gas...

Authors: Yi Wei, Xiao Jun, Li Xue

Abstract: Concept-Resources Maps Authoring System is an independent software R&D by Shanghai Distance Education Group. Concept-resources maps...

Authors: Ming Hu

Abstract: By analyzing Ansai county utilization current situation and land utilization the past years change condition by the fact that 1989-2005...

Authors: Sungmo Jung, Seoksoo Kim

Abstract: Many 3D films use technologies of facial expression recognition. In order to use the existing technologies, a large number of markers shall...


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